A Conversation w/ Joshua T Berglan & David Norrie

A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan welcomes the brilliant, best-selling author of the books Turned On and The Pursuit, David Norrie for an inspiring conversation about truth, The Bible, walking in Faith, parenting, pursuing our dreams and much more!

Other than being a best-selling author, David co-hosts the Turned On podcast with his wife Angelike and is the founder of Speak Up, an occupational training program designed to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and young people how to articulate their passions and products with a greater degree of confidence, charisma, and marketability. Angelike and David have three children and devote their lives to creating stronger families and marriages through the foundational wisdom of the Bible.

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Joshua T Berglan

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Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock

Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.



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Joshua T Berglan