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Meet Thomas Watchorn

“I joined the US Army at 17 yrs old and spent the next 12 +years as a Combat Medic and then a Drill Sergeant for initial entry basic combat instruction.
After being honorably discharged from the Army I found myself looking for that adrenaline high that I missed. Got caught up using crank(methamphetamine), the side effects of which was some shady behavior and shady aquatint ices- the short version is that I ended up catching a case and doing 6 years in a level 4 prison.

You see I was raised devout Catholic, even attending Catholic school until high school. I had had a born again experience at 16 but my faith was planted in shallow ground.
As I shared at the beginning, I joined the Army at 17 having left school in my Junior year.
While it is not impossible to live out a relationship with Christ in the military, that is not what the prevailing atmosphere promotes. ( no excuses just the facts) I was a backslider.
Just before getting into trouble after getting out of the Army (even while using drugs) I felt the pull of God on my life and that I needed to seek out the pathway to being used by Him. I spoke with a local Pastor at the time who was going to help get me some formal Bible training for ministry until the question came up as to my being married and divorced previously — he politely informed me that he could not help me with what I Felt was a call of God on my life.

Feeling like what’s the use! I fell even deeper into drugs and alcohol and caught the case that I mentioned previously landing me in state prison.

But I found that while captivated there behind bars I could not escape the feeling that God was pulling my life into a position where I could be groomed and trained to be used by him to further his kingdom here on this earth. As day after day went by where I spent our upon our in the word of God I felt inspired to write letters to several national and even international ministries to see if there are any opportunities for me to receive training even though I was locked up.

My answer arrived when I received a letter from Pastor Kenneth Hagin Senior offering me a three-year scholarship to Rhema Bible college via a correspondence course that would be proctored by the prison chaplain.

During my course of studies as I begin to gain knowledge and understanding of the word of God I became active in ministry within the prison itself witnessing untold miracles that I have never experienced in my life there was no doubt in my mind that God is still a miracle working God, how can you deny miracles when they happen right before your eyes with multiple witnesses.

Fast forward to 1998 when I was discharged and then had my rights restored to me by the state. I found myself having become a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel in full-time ministry all while working full-time to provide for my family. I have had the privilege of planting several churches and seeing them grow all while seeing God perform miracles signs and wonders through ordinary people.

In 2005 I felt led to reach out to the founder Pastor Fred Z of bikers for Christ motorcycle ministry, I became a patched member that same year and founded the Central Sierra Chapter in California and establishing unshackled Church Under Rushing wind ministries which overseas Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry international.
In 2019 my wife Jodi and I relocated to fountain Hills Arizona east of Phoenix and transferred to the Phoenix chapter of Bikers for Christ where I help oversee the East Valley section.”

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