Beyond the Shadows: A Revealing Interview with Dana (@rottingjewels on YouTube) on Overcoming Trauma

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In an enlightening and profound discussion, Dana, a critical care nurse with deep insights into trauma, and Joshua T Berglan, a speaker with a rich personal history of overcoming adversity, delve into complex themes of abuse, trauma, and the challenging journey towards healing. Their conversation sheds light on the often-overlooked intricacies of psychological trauma and the societal structures that perpetuate these cycles of pain.

Personal Journeys and Experiences

Dana and Joshua open up about their personal experiences, providing a raw and honest look into the realities of living with trauma. Joshua’s candid recounting of his past, marked by abuse and identity struggles, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Similarly, Dana’s professional experiences in critical care allow her to offer unique perspectives on dealing with extreme situations and the strength found in vulnerability.

Insights on Trauma and Abuse

A significant portion of their conversation focuses on understanding the impacts of trauma, particularly in relation to ritual abuse and identity disorders. Dana discusses the generational aspects of trauma and how societal norms often gaslight victims, further exacerbating their pain. The dialogue goes deeper into how our systems — from family courts to religious institutions — often fail to protect the vulnerable, sometimes even contributing to the cycle of abuse.

Healing and Recovery

One of the most poignant parts of their discussion revolves around healing. Both Dana and Joshua emphasize the importance of speaking out and the power of community support in the healing process. They acknowledge the complexities of recovery, highlighting that while complete healing may be elusive, progress and growth are always possible.

Powerful Quotes

Joshua poignantly states, “You are worthy of love. You are absolutely worthy of love and you can find love.” This powerful affirmation resonates throughout their conversation, reminding listeners of the potential for healing and connection despite past traumas.


This conversation between Dana and Joshua T Berglan is more than just a dialogue; it’s a beacon of hope and understanding for anyone grappling with the aftermath of trauma. It underscores the importance of empathy, awareness, and the collective effort needed to support those on their journey to recovery.

Call to Action

We encourage our readers to reflect on this conversation and engage with the topic. Whether it’s through supporting related causes like End Ritual Abuse, by supporting Dana’s work, learning more about the impact of trauma, or simply extending kindness and understanding to those around you, every action counts.


0:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
9:32 Dana’s story and expertise in trauma nursing
17:03 Joshua’s question on the psychology of adult survivors of ritual abuse
29:58 Dana’s passion for sharing information and exposing the truth
38:33 Discussion on the challenges of being an advocate and the risks involved
47:46 The impact of ritual abuse and the possibility of healing and recovery
53:24 Personal anecdotes and reflections on the difficulties faced by survivors
1:03:05 The importance of validation and support for survivors
1:13:11 The power of speaking out and sharing stories to bring about awareness and change
1:21:37 Encouragement for survivors and the inspiring stories of resilience and redemption



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