Conversations with Joshua T Berglan featuring Doc Rick Rimler, DPM

Discover the transformative power of holistic healthcare in “Conversations with Joshua T Berglan featuring Doc Rick Rimler, DPM.” In this engaging video, holistic therapist Doc Rick shares his 30 years of expertise in Podiatric Medicine, focusing on foot biomechanics and holistic healing. Join Joshua T. Berglan and Doc Rick as they explore the profound impact of maintaining healthy feet on overall well-being.

Explore the holistic model championed by Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM, affectionately known as “Doc Rick,” in his private practice in Hollywood, Florida. Dive deep into the significance of a holistic approach to healthcare and its seamless integration into his practice. Learn about Doc Rick’s innovative foot health techniques and specialized orthotics, designed to provide patients with a natural, safe, and economical solution.

In this insightful conversation, uncover the importance of media in spreading Doc Rick’s empowering message. Discover his unique philosophy and lifestyle protocol, “Start With Your Feet,” acclaimed by patients for its emphasis on a sturdy foundation for overall health. Delve into the challenges faced in the medical community during the transition from conventional to holistic therapy.

Doc Rick’s expertise extends to holistic recommendations, including High-Intensity Interval Training, Organic Nutrition, Vitamins/Supplements, and Stress Management. Empower yourself to take control of your health journey, promoting wellness and vitality through tailored orthotics and empowering lifestyle choices.

Join this enlightening conversation and gain valuable insights into achieving wellness naturally. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the expertise of Doc Rick Rimler, DPM, and explore the holistic path to better overall health.

Timestamps: 0:18 Introduction,

1:56 Holistic Approach and Media Presence,

6:41 Key to Foot Health and Orthotics,

13:13 Significance of Healthy Feet,

23:40 Transitioning to Holistic Medicine,

29:29 Coming Projects and Webinars,

35:38 Benefits of Interval Training,

41:54 Wrapping up and Final Thoughts.


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Joshua T Berglan: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to conversations with Joshua T berglan. And today we have doc Rick here. Who is somebody that I was just telling him before we started and I stopped and I said, I got to hit record.

Joshua T Berglan: Doc is doing something that matters not only is his holistic approach what’s needed right now in the healthcare space he also has a vision for the future and it’s obvious because of his media presence and he’s got all the bases covered and to me it’s either he stepped into this Arena of media because he recognized the need or he could prophesize the future that this was gonna be necessary or if he new because he had such a special Niche that the only way to get that message out was to attack on all fronts in the media front whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter the fact is he gets it and he cares so much about his message and this approach to holistic therapy.

Joshua T Berglan: That he’s doing what it takes and I admire that because I know how challenging that is when you have a niche message and that is not to disrespect. a niche is a niche and it’s especially I have a niche message. I’m not meant for the masses doc Rick his message. what? Maybe it is meant for the masses because what he’s talking about is important it matters and I am very very honored to have him here. So ladies and gentlemen. Please introduce or please welcome. The one and only Doc Richard. How you doing, sir?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I am doing great. Thanks for having me on your show Josh. I look forward to having an organic conversation with you.

Joshua T Berglan: I love it. Thank you very much. first of all I want to get into this. I want to ask you about media before we get into your specialty and your message. you’ve got all of your bases covered you’re doing the blog you’re doing the Vlog you’re doing the podcast you’re doing the interviews. You’re covering all of your bases to get your message out and it’s very well organized. Where did you learn that because a lot of doctors don’t understand now, they may understand the importance of media because they’re willing to pay to get themselves on Dr. Phil and stuff like that. But that’s not what I’m talking about. When I’m talking about a well-designed media plan that you are doing and producing yourself. So you may have a team around you but you’ve got this Independent Media thing down. where did that come from?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: yeah, I basically Do have a team that has changed a little bit over time when I became holistic, roughly 2011. After I met my wife and totally transformed my way of looking at Health personally and then professionally so over so it’s always been a little bit of a learning curve along the way with a couple different team like point guards along the way but a lot of it it’s not like this.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Corporate system that I have. It’s basically a lot of trying something and then going with your gut what’s going to work and then just over time adding things. So the last thing that I have many years ago, I started doing blogs and then I started doing one minute videos on suggestion of the marketing team point point guard, but then I felt that podcasting is definitely the way of the future because it really

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Anybody can go in front of their computer and they can get their message across to a lot of people which is really incredible. I mean, I’ve been on podcasts that are based in Ireland and when I was talking to somebody in Ireland, they said that most of their audiences in America, so it’s just an incredibly way to really make the world smaller. So along the way I just keep on adding things and right now I think I have everything in place where I could and now I’m just bearing down trying to go on other podcasts to get my message out and build up my own following at the same time all with the intention of trying to get people to self Empower their overall health

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: By not relying on prescriptions by looking at the epigenetics and the lifestyle factors that are pooed by most doctors and that is the diet and exercise. But even the diet and exercise recommendations that the medical doctors give leaves a lot to be desired.

Joshua T Berglan: Give an example of that, please.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: But mainly because there’s very little information given even myself in Podiatry school. I recall maybe one hour of a nutritional lecture. Maybe touched on a little in Pharmacology, but just that was it the whole time. So basically I took it upon myself once I became aware through my wife’s health problems how she dealt with them that there’s a different way to treat it.


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: More naturally to me. The number one thing behind my Approach is I want number the fewest side effects the highest safety profile possible. I took the hypocratic oath when I became a doctor, which means first Do no harm. So if you have somebody taking one Advil or leave for a painful heel, you don’t want them to end up in the hospital but believe it or There It’s not a high chance, but they can end up in the hospital with an intestinal bleed from taking one Advil. So if I can find a way to do it safer.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: And I know about it. It would be a disservice not to have my patients take part in a safer approach. Obviously, you got to get them better and you have to get them better fast because no one’s going to stick around too long. Even if they love your approach. you still have to get them better and do it in a fast way. So I have developed that over the years now where I have the learning curve starts, in 2011 and now obviously they call. Medicine and art and a science it certainly is because every day you’re practicing you’re trying to come up with a better system a better approach a better protocol. And so I keep on getting better with my Approach getting able to add more things to what I’m able to treat.

Joshua T Berglan: Let me ask you something about. synthetic medication versus bioavailable naturally occurring medicine is it true And who knows what’s real at this point? But because there’s a lot of conflicting information. I got this debate with somebody the other day because I was talking about natural medicines and how the Earth is providing really everything that we need. To be able to heal yet. You can’t patent. Something that comes from the ground like something that’s been birthed. You’ve got a tweak it you got to change it. You got to modify it. You got to add something synthetic to it and…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right

Joshua T Berglan: then you can get the patent.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right

Joshua T Berglan: Is it true that synthetic medicine is not bioavailable in the body? And so what happens when you’re taking it eventually your body system will just quit producing that on its own or the synthetic version eventually it’ll require that you use more and more and more and more and more of it to get the effect versus something. That’s bioavailable. You can take it and it works immediately for you. Can you dispel that?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Sure to me. The number one point that you’re talking about on my end. Is that anything synthetic in your body? your body treats it as a foreign invader.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: So it’s the same process that can lead to an autoimmune reaction, which is so common today. That’s fan. Let’s just take one little example gluten sensitivity which people have they don’t even know they have it and…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: basically what it is is that the lining of the gut allows a large food particle to get through in that it’s not digested properly. Therefore. It’s a big plump that your body treats as a foreign Invader. Every single prescription is a foreign Invader also all of those and then your body reacts from that you can get a hundred different health problems that fall under the category autoimmune reaction including what famous ones like rheumatoid arthritis fibromyalgia Crohn’s disease irritable bowel psoriasis Hashimoto’s thy

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Davis all of these can and…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: just GI issues in general. If someone doesn’t recognize that it’s the gluten for instance if that happens to be the thing that’s causing it if that can be addressed. You can actually turn.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: All of those severe diagnoses around sometimes as simple as taking gluten out of your diet for six weeks and…

Joshua T Berglan: Okay.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: then just bringing it back once a week after that. So all of those things you said Josh can be treated as a foreign Invader inside your body. So you’re a hundred percent on the money. That’s why you want to try to use natural things. But of course, you have to be very careful today with the whole natural I idea…

Joshua T Berglan: That’s why.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: because now foods are being bioengineered and genetically modified so that brings a totally artificial food into your body your body’s not going to recognize it who’s to say that you’re not going to get a reaction from that or worse.


Joshua T Berglan: Boy, you think I was reading about synthetic B12? and they pumped B12 and everything and all of these natural organic supplement lines supposedly and you look at the B12 that’s in it you’re going that didn’t sound natural and you look it up and it’s this synthetic version of B12 and it’s like and then I went back and I started looking through different products that I bought because I formulate products is one of the things that I get to do is and that’s how I got into median entertainment actually was creating products, but Seen all of these different Health Products to have nothing but synthetic versions of the vitamin mic.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler:

Joshua T Berglan: Will no freaking Wonder I feel like crap or no wonder it feels like I’m just peeing away this month this money because essentially that’s what I’m doing. It’s not doing anything for me and then I keep also noticing that keep upping the percentage of these ingredients. No wonder because it’s synthetic. So I’m thank you for that answer. That was very practical. I mean first of all, it’s just common sense to me but not everybody knows that and so I hope and pray that what you would just said will encourage people to start reading and understanding their labels more and of course, there’s a whole other conversation about the source of ingredients, but we don’t have time for that conversation. So let’s talk about the feet.

Joshua T Berglan: So is this is your Niche and Specialty and I’m dying to know your approach to this and understand it fully because at 36 years old. I’m 44 now. I decided to pick up soccer. And I wore bad shoes and ever since then my feet I have it just they ache all the time and it hurts to the point. Sometimes I can’t even walk and I stretch it and I do all this other stuff. I’ve had a miserable time. I’ve tried so many different over the counter.

Joshua T Berglan: Medications and what you said about ibuprofen or Advil your absolutely right? I can take two you feel like my stomach’s bleeding. So I’m kind of out of options. I’m using hemp creams and different things like that to try to alleviate the pain, but I did a lot of damage, but the reason I brought this up is because I never once thought about my feet and this is somebody that we are health care business. We catered to diabetic patients and etic custom orthotics for diabetics but I still never ever once thought about my feet ever until now. They ache all the time. I didn’t realize how important our feet were because I walk on them every day and everything had always been fine to this point. Can you talk about the importance of healthy feet and how it affects the rest of our body?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Sure, I will first of all your feet are not supposed to hurt. So a lot of times people like you think they’re just my feet. They’re supposed to hurt. they’re not supposed to hurt. That’s the first thing so when I take evaluate a new patient, I’m gonna go through their sc They’re neurologic and most importantly the Orthopedics of their body. And so the thing that I’m gonna check on everybody is I’m gonna make sure both legs are the same length.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I’m going to check and see what their foot type is. So this is a simple thing to explain but believe it or not even podiatrists don’t get this one. Right? I have actually developed my own biomechanical theories. That’s why it’s sort of proprietary to me. But basically in a nutshell, I’m looking at Is it a flat foot which everyone’s heard of that one, or is it the opposite…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: which I call a hard foot? That’s a foot that is sometimes associated with

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Arch, but the bottom line is that it’s a foot that doesn’t absorb shock. Whereas a flat foot absorbs a lot of shock and to me the ideal foot absorbs a little shock. So to me the ideal foot is a mild flat foot but anything more than that is pathologic and anything less than that is pathologic most of my patients fall into one or the other. So you want to get that foot typing system in identify the foot type because then even if the patient has no interest in going The Next Step, which is to get an orthotic which is eyeglasses for your feet. At least let them know you have a flat foot. So you need to control the motion of your foot a lot. So therefore the best shoe for you might be a sneaker with a firm back behind the heel with a lace with an insole that comes out where you can put an orthotic in to give yourself even more stability then from there getting to the Comfort level.


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: People don’t realize that they need one inch from their longest toe to the end of the shoe. The longest toe could be the first second or third people. Most of my patients think that the toe needs to be right abudding the end of the shoe, but that’s wrong you need an inch because your foot’s gonna go forward when you walk anyway, and if you get and…

Joshua T Berglan: that’s true.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: if you give yourself that space you’re gonna really reduce your number of four foot problems. You’re gonna have and then if you have a bunion makes your foot wider or if you have a lot of swelling makes your foot more beefy. Then you need to not just go pay attention to the one inch length, but you have to get a wide width possibly an extra wide. So that’s the basis right there. So it’s the right shoe the right size length and width and then from there you bring it up to an orthotic which is a eyeglasses for your feet. I design my own I’m able to offer it online, which I’m very proud of at an economical price that to me. two punch is a good stable walking shoe plus an orthotic then you’re going to promote stability and reduce injuries.

Joshua T Berglan: How do you promote where people can buy the Orthotics because I haven’t used yours at all. But what I read about them they sound amazing. Can you tell everybody about it?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah, what I did is I tried to it’s basically the same Orthotics that I offer my patients in the office. I designed this personally with a lab telling them. This is how I want to do it and then I just basically took that whole concept and brought it online eliminating my firmer one because to me another thing that’s important with the Orthotics is that they need to be comfortable so you could have the best orthotic out there if the materials too hard the patient doesn’t wear What good is it? So I have a general orthotic with a couple Universal.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Prescriptions as the one that I offer online because I’m not overseeing the prescription writing for it. And then I have another one that I offer that’s called the sensitive foot one. So somebody has spinal stenosis a bad back or very sensitive feet. Those are the only two choices so that way I’m comfortable knowing that there’s a good chance that the orthotic will be comfortable. It has some Universal prescriptions that I put in it that will control motion of the foot. So that is the key to anything musculoskeletal you want to control motion.

Joshua T Berglan: Okay, so on these Orthotics Are you selling them retail like an out retail outlets or just online Direct?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I have an online store on store with your feet calm, but it’s easier for someone that just wants to get a little acquainted with it in a quick way.

Joshua T Berglan: That’s right.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I have a site called doc Ricks where basically everything’s on one page the explanation testimonials and then they can go to click on if they want it to order. They click on the button and it goes to my online store of my website. So that’s how I do it online.

Joshua T Berglan: Have you ever thought about taking it to QVC or HSN?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: No, I thought about it, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m just trying to get this off the ground first.

Joshua T Berglan: just to tell you how it’s done. It’s pretty simple you can directly submit but there’s also an organization called arrange me. Back in the day used to have to find the buyers and they were like The Gatekeepers for Dillards and the department targets of the world. range me is a centralized agency where they kind of act as your agent, but they are the only way that you can get to most of the retail outlets to Great organization. I worked with them with one of the other products that I created and we got access to department stores and QVC and HSN pretty easily even though you can go direct to QVC. That is something that would be very simple for you and your team and also because you are a doctor that goes a long way with giving you access because they like those doctors sponsored products because people

Joshua T Berglan: trust for the most part with their doctor selling them, so we’re offer.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah, this isn’t even Sponsor. This is Dr. Design. this was my baby and…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah, even better.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I took it to her and orthotic lab and I said this is what I want to do. can you make it happen? And of course there was lots of back and forth. But my goal was to make an affordable one typically in a doctor’s office.

Joshua T Berglan: Sure.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: They’re selling orthotics for five six seven eight hundred dollars and that’s all well and good. But I find that when I would approach patients with something not that high but high enough and a lot of them would need it and they’d say no I can’t afford it. So that’s why I wanted to come up with an idea. That would be quick for me to do not too time consuming. Therefore. I don’t have to charge as much and…


Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: so make it more accessible and make it easy for them to use it and make it comfortable and let it do something. So that was my mission and…

Joshua T Berglan: I think now it’s a good Mission…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I accomplished.

Joshua T Berglan: because those Orthotics are ridiculously overpriced. I having with diabetic shoes and worked with the custom inserts. I know what you’re talking about. The markup is insane you call something Mark medical and all of a sudden you can charge to 20 times more for it and He goes somewhere else and don’t call it medical and it’s like wait a second. It’s the same thing that happens with skincare all the time. when I started working with oems in the contract manufacturers to make skincare and cosmetics. One of the things that I noticed was that some of the doctor’s office products that were $300 were also in Target for 10 my wait a second but this is insanity to me. This is so screwed up. So I love that you’re doing that and I honor you for that. Are you doing an affiliate program or anything like that for it?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I can what do you mean by that?

Joshua T Berglan: An affiliate programs are great, especially if you’re doing online stores, and there’s so many reversions one. That’s pretty good. There’s a lot of them and what it does is it gives people the opportunity to promote your product for you through video content blogs any of the media Alternatives and essentially if they sell for you somebody clicks their unique link and they get a small commission whether it’s 3% or…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right right

Joshua T Berglan: 20% you decide that but it’s any most online stores that it’s one of the best way to hire sales reps without having to pay a bunch of calories, but it can be very very effective. I didn’t know if you were doing that or…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Haven’t done it yet,…

Joshua T Berglan: Cool.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: but that’s a good idea.

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah. I think it would be.

Joshua T Berglan: I listen again, and maybe it’s because I’m personalizing this so much because I have such bad feet and I go through inserts all the time and nothing really works for me. That makes me comfortable where I’m not aching the next day. I may feel good during the day, but then the next day I feel like I just had the crap beat out of me and that’s not fun. So I’m sincerely interested.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler:

Joshua T Berglan: That’s why I’m asking all these questions. so I don’t want to ask you about your wife’s health issues, but I do want to ask you about going from the Traditional way that doctors are trained to think and believe in practice medicine to a more holistic approach.

Joshua T Berglan: For you having all that training and then to make that shift because of something deeply personal. Was there a Warfare that took place with your mind because you were breaking away from your training to do something. That was so different.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right

Joshua T Berglan: How did that affect you as a professional that because you’re a lot of people in the medical community look at the holistic approaches Voodoo,…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right

Joshua T Berglan: How was that transition for you?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right Yeah, I actually did a surgical residency after I finished my training but I did not want to do surgery. But basically you have to do it in order to get license in certain States. I had no intention doing it. So then I get out and practice. I’m down in Florida 1989.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I was always skeptical about even giving a cortisone injection. I gave them early on I was always hesitant to give prescriptions and I was always not happy about having to rely on these traditional medicines that I was trained in. So it was an easy transition away from that…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: because even from the very beginning like I did a surgical residency, but I didn’t want to do surgery but I wanted to have the background in it and…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: and I didn’t want to rely on the traditional treatments Because deep down even before I became more aware. I knew that if you give a cortisone injection more than a few times to an area you actually get tissue destruction and…

Joshua T Berglan:

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: you can help the problem temporarily but let’s say on a heel if you give more than a couple of shots on the bottom of a heel you’re gonna eat away the fat pad there so somebody 20 years down the line is gonna be walking on The bone they’re going to lose their natural fat pad. They’re not going to be able to be comfortable in the bathroom going from their sink to the shower.


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: But yeah, my heel pain got better but I won’t be able to walk 20 years from now in the bathroom to get to the shower. So it’s like I always knew that there was something bad about that that I didn’t want to take part in so as soon as I had the light turned on so to speak with…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: how I viewed my wife dealing with a fibromyalgia diagnosis and switching from all of the prescriptions and all of the recommendations and taking a holistic approach. I said this is the way to do it. And so I made it my mission to find out what to do and I did I took a course but besides that it’s a lie, I just found some very good mentors along the way and was able to take pearls from everybody and then just formulate my own protocols, which it’s still ongoing because I’m still making changes and weeks in my protocol. So it was an easy.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: For me to switch to because a deep down I was always thinking what are the side effects of this drug? What can it cause so the Advil it can cause a stomach ulcer it can also cause gluten sensitivity it can cause it can raise your blood pressure take in a lot of it can with kidney disease and believe it or not. they can cause strokes and heart attacks.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: You wouldn’t think so, but it can.

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah, and I probably a year ago would not have believed that preservatives could cause hard issues too and it gut issues and everything else and took a deep dive on that. my god. What have we been putting in our body? I don’t even know how this is allowed all the dies and it’s frightening to me because it seems like we’re born into This game of death and we have to figure out somehow some way how to navigate all of these obstacles…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: to break out

Joshua T Berglan: because it’s a bunch of obstacles when you think about life. I want to have my mind body and soul just to be on point clean pure.

Joshua T Berglan: And yet when you wake up and you start looking around at what we consume what’s in our water what’s in our food how our food was grown the source of these ingredients that we think are going to save us All of these things and it’s so frustrating and then on top of that to know people like Who are truly one of the good ones? And I can say that I met you just now. But I can say that because I understand the fight that you’re against you’re kind of put into a chiropractor category of that’s Voodoo medicine and I’m not trying to insult chiropractors or I’m not saying that I’m complimenting you.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: right

Joshua T Berglan: It’s just that people when you go this Functional medicine. I forgot the word that I’m looking for holistic approach.

Joshua T Berglan: Your peers turn around and go who the effer you like. it’s the cop that stands up and go. No, never mind. I’m not gonna open that door. I’m stopping there. I just admire it because I understand in a different way because I’m not a physician but having worked with Physicians, I understand that that is a tough road for you and…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: admire to stand that I admire the approach that you’re taking it’s why I got into media because I understand the media controls the narrative. and whoever controls the media has a lot of power but you’re taking it in your own hands to go this route of Independent Media. So your voice can be heard and your voice is one of the voices that I want to elevate why I do what I do is because of people like you because I believe this message carries over just outside of the feet.

Joshua T Berglan: It carries into mind body and soul. So again, I admire you a lot what for you because you’ve got a lot of different things going on you podcast blog Vlog your books your many videos YouTube channel your practice your online stores. I love the fact that you’re doing all of it. But I also know you’re working on something else other than tinkering and perfecting everything. What’s that? Next big project that you’re working on if you can talk about it.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: The next thing that I’m doing is I want to try to take my message to businesses and health groups in the form of a webinar because just as you said I totally agree with you oshua. These podcasts and the way things are set up now, very advantageous to somebody with an outside. The box thinker request mainstream media is not going to give you the time of day. But if you have your own channel and then you get your audience, then you can get your message out. So what my next thing that I’m going to be working on is just trying to get in front of whether it’s a small business or large business. I have a presentation called your business.


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: That’s when you start with your feet talks about the basic principles. And then if there’s a health group a runner’s group of vegetarian group,…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: of course, that would be a great group for me to talk about also and as a matter of fact, I’m going to invite you once I start this campaign all the people that have had me on as a guest. I’m gonna invite to collaborate with me. If you happen to have any group that you want to do a joint webinar with I’m all for it. I want to be able to get people aware that there’s a different approach going back a second to talking about the synthetics and B12.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: The regular B12 that sold most of the time is called cyanco balamant comes from cyanide that helped to be converted to methyl cobalament.

Joshua T Berglan: Yep. Yeah.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: So I’m a vegetarian for about seven eight years now I do and when I do eat eggs, so I get my B12 that way but I just take a B12 anyway, which B12 am I taking? I’m gonna take the bioavailable B12 which is…

Joshua T Berglan: which is

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: which is methylcobalament and I’m not gonna take it as a pill I’m gonna take it as a sublingual lozenge because if you take B12 as a pill once it hits your stomach the acid in your stomach destroys it you need to go under your tongue.

Joshua T Berglan: what?

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Let it dissolve and then it acts like an IV it gets into your I’m intravenously that way. Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: Putting this in my phone. I didn’t know that part.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: So yes, you need to take that one. I sublingual and another instance of that is if you see B complex, I have a lot of patients that tell me that I take a look at the label of the B complex and all of those bees that are in that B complex are all non-bio available. So that means your body has to convert them. And as you said earlier a lot of that conversion is gone away in your urine You’re Gonna Lose 90% of that conversion. so that’s why going back now What’s the number one multivitamin out there Centrum, right? Everyone send.

Joshua T Berglan: Good.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Okay that and look at the label. It’s all synthetic you might as well be taking a prescription. So what do I do instead? I recommend taking a food based multi made from real food or what? I do personally, which I picked up from Hippocrates Institute one of the leading on natural Centers in the world. It’s in West Palm Beach. So not too far from where I live. I took a ride up there one day. I tried to immerse myself in that place and

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: They promote wheatgrass juice to stage four cancer patients and are able to reverse along with other methods some of those stage 4 cancers where patients are told. They have six months to live. So the wheatgrass is like you’re taking the sun and the energy from the Sun and all of these vitamins and nutrients and minerals. You bring it into your body. So I personally take wheatgrass tablets as my multi, you can do wheatgrass juice,…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah, must be nice living in…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: but you have to do it fresh and it’s a little labor intensive. So I just do the tablets and I know that I’m taking in the Sun every day.

Joshua T Berglan: I’m in freaking Minnesota already but I used to live in Boca. What part of Florida are you in? my uncle lives there well and…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I’m in Hollywood.

Joshua T Berglan: uncle that they lived right on the beach there. I yeah,…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: I know that area. I’m a man I miss Florida. it’s a while.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: especially in the winter

Joshua T Berglan: Or after I shower though because I’m sweating. It’s so much. I don’t miss that but I do meant a lot of my I mean,…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: I’m still friends with a lot of people I went to college with there and I love that Community. I’ve worked in healthcare a place called Suncoast Pharmacy in Surgical Supply. Hi, this is Howie that guy in Boca.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: I worked there for a little bit and ran their Mobility product division. So I learned a lot about Healthcare living in Florida. I learned a lot Medicare fraud and those little gimmicks with medical equipment. Yeah, I was around for those crazy days. listen doc. I absolutely admire. What you’re doing all the whole approach?

Joshua T Berglan: And the way you’re going about it, we already talked about the media. We talked about the holistic approach. I love all of it and anything that we can ever do to support you. Please let us know I believe in what you’re doing and I’m actually gonna go check out your thoughts because my feet I need I need something and I promise if they help my feet, I’ll send your praises to anyone that’ll listen. but I want to give you the opportunity to plug your business social media where people could follow you where people can buy your orthotics or…


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Sure.

Joshua T Berglan: anything else that you have going on. You take these last few minutes plug anything you want and say anything you want.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Or Okay, great. so my brand is called start with your feet calm. That’s my website and I have the orthotic information as I said earlier drix where you can get all the good information on one page without having to scroll around. I have my own podcast called holistic strides. I’m up to about 14 episodes. I’m putting that out twice a month. That’s about a half hour show. Putting it out twice a month right now. I’m laying down a lot of content right now. So I’m not having guests yet. So I have a lot of content to go through before I’m starting to bring guests on but when I do you’ll be invited to be a guest.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: those are the three main ones there. I’m going to start up the webinar a campaign on LinkedIn try to approach some R people and anybody that has a group that’s interested. You can email me Doc Rick at start with your feet calm. And so the one thing that I do want to say before is My message about exercise. I want to get people exercising more but not in the way that tells them their primary care physician will look at the sheet that’s given to them and say you need to exercise three to five times a week 30 40 60 Minutes blah blah. I want people to spend on the aerobic Port only 12 minutes in a strategic way and it’s my version of interval training which was taken from

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: And Royal Palm Beach who had scientific studies and their studies to back this. Basically, it’s a fast slow way to exercise that. Anybody can do even a 90 year old patient in a wheelchair can get a foot a bicycle pedal you put it on the floor and you could sit in a regular chair. And basically I want people to start incorporating this 12-minute form of exercise that to me is the opposite of marathon running.

Joshua T Berglan: are

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Where’s your body down? No matter how healthy you think it’s making your heart an efficient. Short bursts are the way to go. That’s how our ancestors the cavemen did it. They did short bursts of speed to get their prey and that’s what we’re ingrained in our body. So basically I tried to take this approach by that doctor in Palm Beach and I tried to make it more realistic. So here’s my Approach. Basically. I’m just gonna tell you what I do I go out on my street in the morning before I go to work. That’s the key thing also get it in early. You don’t have it hanging over your head and there’s no excuses. Just get it early I Sprint for 20 seconds.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Then I walk for about a minute catch my breath and I go the other way Sprint again 20 seconds. I do that six times then the final three I do it 15 seconds the key when I do that is I go faster on the 15. So the final three at 15 which is a shorter time a faster speed. So the whole workout is 12 minutes, you’re by going faster at the end. You’re actually building your body up. So your strengthening your heart. You’re going into a 12-hour fat after burn with this method you’re going into increased oxygenation all over your body. So basically you’re giving yourself ozone therapy all over your body with the change of speeds and your oxygenating when you’re doing that and

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I can proudly say I’m 63 years old now. I started doing it when I was 50. It’s anti-aging and I think I’m a little bit of proof of that because it keeps your It keeps that tips of your chromosomes long if that’s the case. You’re not going to age as fast. The telomeres yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: You talk about telomeres.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Interval training keeps the telomeres intact it doesn’t Fray and get short and that causes aging. So to me that’s giving yourself stem cell treatment without spending $10,000. So what’s not to like and the beautiful thing about this form of exercise? Let’s say that you can’t do 20 seconds fast. Maybe you can only do 15, but the bottom line is just add up your fast intervals make them add up to two minutes and go faster at the end and then you’re building your body up. that’s the principle you can do it on an exercise bike. You can do it walking. You can do it running a treadmill elliptical exercise bike or in the pool. You can do it anywhere you want just try to do it five days a week and do it in the morning get it out of the way and you’re gonna set yourself up. That’s the one thing so I’m gonna cite a case study.


Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: that said exercising four to five times a week in this way is along with drinking alcohol and moderation myself. I actually cut out alcohol completely and eating a plant-based diet doing that plus the interval training you’re going to add 10 to 14 years to your life by doing that. But that’s something to consider for sure.

Joshua T Berglan: Wow.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: All right, and if somebody has a lot of time on their hands,…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah, it is. man

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: let’s say they retired and they have two hours to exercise. I say that’s great. Do your interval training at the start of your session and then walk for the remainder of the time do not run because the running where your body down and it will inevitably cause an overuse injury either in your foot ankle knee hip or back. Something’s gonna happen. When you go running a long long distance. Something’s Gonna Break Down specially if you’re over 40, so that’s my signature cause that I needed to get in there because I feel so strongly about it and it’s such a easy thing to do. You don’t have to have this one hour form a time slot over your head saying. no, I gotta do this again for an hour, you see people on the treadmill there, they’re watching TV and they’re on there for an hour and it’s like you can see they’re bored to death. This is really short and sweet do it in whatever your favorite.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Form of exercise in and you’re going to get that runner’s buzz when you’re done. that you’re doing such a good thing for yourself by doing that without relying on a prescription by doing that you’re going to lose some weight. If you do a couple of simple things with your diet, as long as your hormones check out you’re gonna be less likely to have chronic disease like heart disease diabetes. Is metabolic syndrome you’re going to and so you’re going to be an overall healthier person and be less likely to go see the doctor. Hopefully you can get yourself off prescriptions stepwise. Just like my wife did with her Fibromyalgia diagnosis. She went off one prescription at a time. Eventually. She got off all of them just switched it with lifestyle and supplements and dietary changes.

Joshua T Berglan: Wow, that’s good stuff, Doug Rick your blessing.

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: I think you’re gonna like them my patients love them.

Joshua T Berglan: I’m grateful for you, and I’m excited to check out the Orthotics. So I can’t wait Will you have a blessed weekend and wish you nothing,…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Thanks. My pleasure,…

Joshua T Berglan: but the best I look forward to talking to you again,…

Richard “Doc Rick” Rimler: Joshua. It’s been a treat.

Joshua T Berglan: and we’ll see you soon.

Joshua T Berglan: Thank you.

Meeting ended after 00:43:15 👋



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