Conversations with Joshua T Berglan featuring Jermane Cheathem

Join host Joshua T Berglan in an enlightening conversation with entrepreneur Jermane Cheatham in “ Conversations with Joshua T Berglan Jermane Cheatham.” This video delves into the essence of simplifying business strategies, embracing spirituality, and the human experience.

🔸 Timestamps:

0:00 Introduction to Joshua T Berglan & Jermane Cheatham

2:12 Business Focus & Entrepreneurship Excitement

6:05 Living a Location-Independent Lifestyle in Brazil

11:04 Shared Love for Travel and Cultural Experiences

Jermane’s Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

19:14 Simplifying Business Approach

23:08 Vision, Business Models, and Most Valuable Partners

26:29 Debunking Overcomplicated Entrepreneurship

29:53 Overcoming Fears and Insecurities in Business

31:48 Final Thoughts on Self-Actualization in Entrepreneurship

💡 Key Highlights:

  1. Jermane Cheatham’s minimalist entrepreneurial philosophy
  2. The freedom and benefits of a location-independent lifestyle
  3. Overcoming fears, insecurities, and negative thoughts in business
  4. Embracing a life of freedom, exploration, and self-actualization

🌟 Join us for this thought-provoking conversation that offers valuable insights and inspiration for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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Joshua T Berglan: You ladies and gentlemen, welcome to conversations with Joshua T berglan today. I’m actually excited about this conversation. Typically, I don’t have a lot of business conversations or talk to entrepreneurs if it’s involving the media that said one of the things that was so exciting to me about our guests today jermane cheathem. I think I said that right I just asked him how to say one of the things that I like about him is he has a very simple approach now, obviously, I think the work that goes into this is not so simple. It’s complicated. It takes a lot of dedication a lot of work and experience of course, but we do as humans over complicate everything and whether that’s by Design or not. I don’t know whether that’s the forces around us. I don’t know. But the fact is this anyone who can take a simple approach. I mean even with spirituality.

Joshua T Berglan: we talk about prayer we talk about all of these different things. This is how you do it. There’s 12 steps in all of these formulas and it’s so confusing. It’s like I can get in it for me at least in my experience what happens I start to think of steps and how to pray I don’t think our creator wants us to go. Okay woman check this box and then I’m gonna check this box. Okay, I’ve done all that God. So now give me what I need.

Joshua T Berglan: Or whatever it is or business like okay, I’m gonna do all of these things and then now I’m gonna be successful for people like me that gets messy. I’m one that loves to be led by the spirit and when there’s a lead When there’s less things to have to think about the better I do when I played football it wasn’t I was that great but I had great instincts. I didn’t have to think just chase the damn ball. That’s what I did and that’s why I was good at it, but it wasn’t because I was a superior athlete none of that stuff. So this approach to business is something that intrigues me even though I don’t know what his formula is.

Jermane Cheathem: one

Joshua T Berglan: I don’t know what he teaches. Anyone who takes a simple approach even as bio was simple I could have memorized his bio. I think it’s great. So Jermaine, thank you so much for your time today. Welcome to conversations with Joshua T. Berglan. I am so honored to have you here.

Jermane Cheathem: thanks for having me I’m looking forward to chopping up with you and just seeing where it leads.

Joshua T Berglan: where are you at? I don’t know if you can disclose your location. I don’t know if you work for the CIA or anything, but you’re in an Airbnb right now because I was complimenting your artwork. You have nothing to do with where you at right now. And what are you doing?

Jermane Cheathem: Yeah, so I’m in Brazil right now. Just living my life.

Joshua T Berglan: What part of Brazil?

Jermane Cheathem: Florianopolis. It’s on the east coast.

Joshua T Berglan: Very cool. I get to go to Brazil for the first time ever and I know people from Brazil love the people. I get to go in May to film a movie and I am so excited. I cannot wait to be there. What is your favorite thing so far about Brazil? Thank you.

Jermane Cheathem: The beach it’s beautiful. And you know that I’m like a water bug. So anytime I can be at a beach on the ocean on Any huge body of water? I’m tickled pink. So I love the ocean for sure.

Joshua T Berglan: Where are you from originally? What part?

Jermane Cheathem: Arizona Phoenix

Joshua T Berglan: Great place the first time I ever did a night ride for mountain biking was in Phoenix one of the scariest and…

Jermane Cheathem: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: exhilarating fun things I’ve ever done is write a mountain bike in the desert in the middle of the night the spotlight and that was it I of course wrecked into a cacti and scars for six months, but that’s a great place how long you’ve been in Brazil?

Jermane Cheathem: So I’ve been here for about eight weeks so far and probably be here for not maybe another month or so to the Visa runs out and then probably go to Patagonia for the summer for at least a month to explore Patagonia.

Joshua T Berglan: So you’re traveling. I don’t know if this is part of a thing you’re doing if it’s a new Venture, but what if you’re staying in a location that long? why is it to get immersed in the culture? Learn the business are you doing business there or you just enjoying being able to be free and do what you feel led to do?

Jermane Cheathem: It’s just a freedom that I’ve always wanted. I always pursued and I’ve always cherish. Is this the opportunity to whatever you want spend the time how you want it work with who you want when you want because it’s kind of silly to me. if I have this technology and I have this leverage business and I’m just in Arizona or just in Boise or just in New Hampshire when the whole world is open to me. It’d be silly. It’d be a missed opportunity for me not to explore other parts of the world. Not as a tourist not as a visitor, but as a local being there for three months and you really get entrenched in what people actually do out here and it opens your mind to a lot of things really the main thing. I noticed is everyone’s exactly the same everywhere you go.

Jermane Cheathem: The only difference is that just looks a little different how it’s portrayed how it comes out how it’s expressed. But we’re all after the same things, love Peace Harmony. We’re just trying to figure this thing out because we always got plump down in this earth and it’s like what are we doing here? So it just gives me a much wider breath of knowledge and understanding of The Human Experience to travel around the world.

Joshua T Berglan: I love that answer so much and I’m so inspired by it because my dream life and I’m fortunate to have a partner and to children that have the same attitude but We could live. Out of a suitcase traveling the world and live in hotels live in tents live in whatever and just live and be around the people and learn the cultures and serve and just be immersed in where I’m at. and the other thing that stuck out to me is not a ist. You’re comment about not being a I ever travel anywhere I’ve ever traveled. I don’t want to go to tourist destinations. I want to go where locals go because I want to know what it’s really like. I mean, it’s one like living in Hawaii for me.

Joshua T Berglan: there’s this white key vibe that people think about what Hawaii is Waikiki is not why it might as well be Los Angeles or Tokyo or New York City that’s not why? So when I live there and you’ve got to go to school there. I mean, obviously that was a blessing because I got to learn what locals did and it was a much different experience. So I admire that but I do the same thing when I travel but what you’re doing and how you’re living right now is a dream for me. So hopefully there’s some Synergy right here in the universe that’s gonna make this happen because my goals is what I just mentioned. So what when did you first get this desire just to start leaving and traveling and seeing the world while handle in your business

Jermane Cheathem: It didn’t start until became an entrepreneur because you really can’t do this as an employee, obviously. So once I finally decided hey enough’s enough, I need my freedom and I became an entrepreneur I realized there’s no reason for me to stay at the office all day. And is there even really reason for me to have an office besides we’ve been brainwashed to think if you have a business you need an office and so I got rid of that and then I started to take Summers off back in 2017 because the Arizona heat is obviously really brutal in the Summers. So we would go to San Diego for the summer and that gave us quite a little taste of that freedom. And then the next year. We took about three month trip. I think we went to the Bahamas and a bunch of islands over there and New Orleans and New York City and just kind of traveled that next summer right and then coming up on I think the following summer then we did southeast Asia for about two or three months.

Jermane Cheathem: And came back to Arizona, but then in 2019. We said no something my partners. She made her were like, this is Go and this is see what happens right? So January 2020 comes around and we go to We’re in Hong Kong laughing at everybody wearing masks and…

Joshua T Berglan:

Jermane Cheathem: a little that. I know what was coming and then we’re in love. We were in Thailand for a couple months and got the Malaysian and that’s when everything kind of locked down and we stayed in Malaysia for a year because why would I go back to the States? Americans don’t really understand how to handle a pandemics or really anything that infringes on their entitlement.

Jermane Cheathem: So it was a better place to be in Malaysia. Everyone was doing their thing and they’re very obedient that culture. So I was great. Everything was open. I was playing golf. I was lifting weights. I was going to the beach it was going to the mall going to the movies. Everything was cool. but since then it’s just been non-stop travel since 2019. I’ve been back to the States a couple times for maybe a month or two, but it’s just Africa South the Middle East. I mean you name it.

Joshua T Berglan: Do you have a home in Arizona to go back to …

Jermane Cheathem: Nope. Nope,…

Joshua T Berglan: you’re really doing it.

Jermane Cheathem: I sold that. yeah,…

Jermane Cheathem: I just have yeah. Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: you’re my spirit animal,…

Joshua T Berglan: man, but

Joshua T Berglan: Don’t take a friend as a compliment. That is so cool. my gosh, where’s your favorite place? You’ve been and I know we’re not talking about business or what you do yet, we’re gonna get there. I promise but this is interesting to me.

Jermane Cheathem: It’s hard to say man it’s very subjective and also contextualized what are we talking about? As far as favorite what part of it? with that being said though, I had to pick one place. That is so hard. I really enjoyed turkey. I really enjoyed France. I really enjoy South Africa.

Jermane Cheathem: Man, that is tough. Grease is great. I mean there’s so much. I don’t know probably if I had to pick one. Just for everything. I get the bang for the buck the proximity to everything the amenities the hospitality the golf The Vineyards the beautiful scenery the beaches the mountains. It had to be South Africa Cape Town. unbelievable

Joshua T Berglan: Okay, there’s another thing that you’ve done that create. There’s a whole I’ve got so I work with some people in South Africa and very close friends and I’m meeting with a company tomorrow in South Africa. And how do you know about 88 Americans for Disability Act? for websites they’re doing something similar…

Jermane Cheathem: Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: where you have to have your website set up for people that have disabilities whether it’s dyslexia ADHD autism So there’s a company based out of South Africa that I meet with tomorrow because I use their technology on my website.

Joshua T Berglan: but that is a dream place for me to go it’s so strange. my heart and my spirit has been called to Africa and South Africa. Since I was young I can always remember dreaming about it. I’ve never been anywhere close to it. I don’t know what that’s about but here lately. I’ve just meeting all of these different people having all of these conversations. I’m in a course right now with the dude who’s leading. It’s in South Africa. So it’s like there’s something about that. So I’m glad that you said that’s very encouraging because I just believe I’m about to go there but we’ll see. All right, I want to ask you so entrepreneurial life is obviously working for you, but it doesn’t work for everyone. What were you doing before? You became an entrepreneur? what was your job?

Jermane Cheathem: So I was a professional salesperson. And so I worked in financial services and in Scottsdale and the thing about sales.

Joshua T Berglan: good place

Jermane Cheathem: Is if you’re in sales, it really makes no sense to work for somebody else because you already doing 80 to 90% of the heavy lifting. so it’s like if you’re gonna sell you might as well sell for yourself and it’s just a lot of the resistance is typically fear of the unknown and also, Making mountains out of molehills in your mind about how complex running your own business is gonna be when in actuality. It is simpler than being an employee. And there’s way more advantages than being employee. So it’s just I had to

Jermane Cheathem: Create the desire that forced me out and make the decision because it’s talked about you’re making a decision where you have a cush job a lot of. Freedom and there’s no really reason to leave that’s always a hard decision.

Joshua T Berglan: Sure.

Jermane Cheathem: It’s one thing if you lose your job you’re fired or you get in shape because you get the cancer diagnosis or whatever, but when you proactively choose to put yourself into a risky quote unquote situation, it takes a different level of I guess you call it bravery just to decide something Life’s Too Short. We’re all die. I want to live out loud.

Joshua T Berglan: Freaking love that answer. So you said that running a business is easier than being an employee. I can agree with that with except one part. I have a question about what if you stuck with numbers. Is running a business easy then.

Jermane Cheathem: Yeah, it is because if you keep your business so stupid simple. You don’t have to worry about numbers you worry about one number and one number only what’s left over at the end of the month. So, my whole philosophy on businesses is it has to be extremely simple has to be extremely lucrative. It has to be so lucrative that I can’t spend what I make. So I Automatically have a lot left over.

Jermane Cheathem: I don’t have to worry about the numbers if that’s the case. if you have 10% profit margins or in 15% profit margin, that’s gonna be tough. That’s a tough business model. So I’m looking for business models that are digital lucrative leveraged and simple.

Joshua T Berglan: what was your product when you first got in the game? next time obviously.

Jermane Cheathem: Financial Services Yeah, so it’s something also that’s an essential Evergreen product. if you’re selling T-shirts. The people really need t-shirts, if you’re selling you have a pizza parlor. number one you’re tied to the pizza parlor, but also to people really need pizza but Financial Services like one of those Evergreen models where businesses always need it and my Approach is always been so simplistic and leveraged where I partner with people instead of me doing all the work. I just partnered with people that are closest to my perfect customer that I can ever be and they already have their trust. So then they bring me into the fold and people just sign. I don’t have any resistance. There’s no selling it’s just Simple it’s just friends amongst friends and it’s win situations. So

Jermane Cheathem: I think this is how you structure your business. It makes it simple if you do the right things.

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah, I mean because even your website don’t take again, please don’t take offense to this but your website is simple it’s easy to navigate straight to the point. It’s like there you go. I was almost overwhelmed how underwhelmed I’m not meaning to be offensive in contrast to my noisy multi-purpose 85 million things going on and I’m like I’ve given myself. making myself crazy looking at my own website this is so simple this is amazing. I love it. And even your style of when you do your videos simple straightforward easy to digest and welcoming and to your point. I honestly feel I would trust you to advise me. with my money because you just seem like a trustworthy guy.

Joshua T Berglan: And I love the simple approach. You’re not giving BS numbers. You’re not giving we’re gonna I don’t even know what all the terms are because I’m kind of financially done. I’m not very smart with numbers. I mean, my brain goes nuts when I start looking at numbers. But I’ve taken your approach. To life and in business and in that worked for a long time with me and I’m doing something different now with what I do, but when I was in business and running a business, I took a very similar philosophy at least that’s what my focus because if I started trying to budget every little nickel and dime. All Dara I was gonna mess up the Overdraw myself ended up in prison for some reason so I like that approach. Okay, I want to ask you this. tell me about so one of the things that’s on your website you go in you can put in your email address.

Joshua T Berglan: And you can register for What’s that free offer on the front of your web page?

Jermane Cheathem: yeah, so I consider myself a minimalist entrepreneur. So I try to keep it so simple about everything and so I really believe in the idea less is always more. and so

Jermane Cheathem: I really don’t try to make things too complex and I don’t want people to have more than one option because when you have more than one option people don’t do anything they have paralysis by analysis. And it’s kind of funny what you’re saying earlier about the whole, budgeting and the numbers thing because in actuality, I’ve never had a budget in my entire life ever.

Joshua T Berglan: Wow.

Jermane Cheathem: Because I focus on the top line make more money than I spend and I don’t worry about budgets and then secondly my business. It’s not complex as far as the quote unquote math or the finance really. This is fifth grade math. if you can, tip your waiter at Cheesecake Factory you can do this math. So regarding the training I give people here on my website is it starts. With your mind and the first thing they get is Clarity on what they want. Their vision of their future because without the vision go there. you’re not gonna clearly think about…

Joshua T Berglan: true

Jermane Cheathem: what you’re doing today is part of this bigger Mission and then secondly, you have to understand. This is my vision, but why do I want it? Because a lot of people’s wise their father’s why they’re nationalities why they’re

Jermane Cheathem: Political affiliations why it’s not theirs. get clear about where do you want to go? And why do you want to go there? And then from there we have a solid foundation. And then it’s about examining different business models because I want people that want to be free and I believe in Time Financial Freedom location Freedom mental freedom. I want you to be able to from a place of knowledge pick a business model that’s going to give you those freedoms if that’s what you want. So I outline different business models in how you need to think about how to leverage them to make sure they are free. And is this gonna match what you want? And then after that I dive into this concept of my MVP model which is most valuable Partners. So once you figure out, who your avatar is in the Avatar has to be someone that you can Target they have to have money because they’re not gonna buy anything money.

Jermane Cheathem: They have to be in a growing segment right and so once you’re able to Figure out who your ideal customer is then you don’t sell to them you figure out who is the best partners that are closer to your perfect customer then you can ever be and they already have your perfect customers trust and you partner with those folks because then they’ll bring you into the fold they’ll bring you deals and their customers will just sign so everybody wins. For example, I only have a simple analogy for this one if you sold weight loss services or Fitness Services everyone can relate to this because that’s why it’s a simple analogy. Instead of you trying to find people that need to lose weight or get in shape. That’s like finding the needle in a haystack. how could you tell? You just find people that are dating coaches because all of their clients are looking to look their best.

Jermane Cheathem: Because they’re in the dating market. So you simply go to their dating coaches and say Hey, listen, I have a fitness program. I’d love it to give to your clients for free. So it’s a win because they get Good Will by giving it to their clients. The client is a taste your fitness program and they get it for free and you get to show off what you can do. And then after the problem periods over you build that report you build that momentum they sign up for your package or whatever. It might be. So it’s like give away so much Goodwill to the people that are closest to your ideal Avatar that also gives them good will it’s this trickle effect of Win Partnerships where everyone wins no one loses and the biggest benefit is you don’t have to

Jermane Cheathem: Try to pitch a stranger. You’re literally brought in to the fold from a friend and you get 90% of your time back because you’re not trying to find a needle in a haystack. Plus you can charge premiums because Friends by things from friends they trust and they typically don’t shop around on friends. So there’s so many benefits to this MVP model the way I think about business because most people are just trying to bang on doors and hope they find something and little by little they’re wasting their entire life away and…

Joshua T Berglan: It’s true.

Jermane Cheathem: they never did what they wanted to do. go to South Africa or Egypt or whatever.

Joshua T Berglan: I signed up. I just want to show you. I’m super pumped you have me sold. I like because I need help in this area. I will admit it.

Joshua T Berglan: I try to do the purpose not Purpose Driven. That’s the rhetoric war. what’s that Financial Group? There’s a lot of different Financial. Gurus that I listen to and I try to wrap my head around their formulas and all that other stuff and I just get so frustrated and my gosh screw it it just makes me shut down and I like to tackle tough things. It’s not like I mean I know how to code so I’m not shy away from work and learning. It just makes me insane trying to do these magic formulas that everyone has I need something more straightforward and based off of what I saw on your website. That’s about a straightforward as a gift and straightforward is simple and the way that you explained it. I can wrap my head around that. and what I feel like

Joshua T Berglan: in your opinion? What is the deal because a lot of entrepreneurs and I’m guilty of this too because in my head what I do, it’s simple for me, but it is kind of complicated. But even when I express it, or try to explain it, I’m better now. But it’s kind of like flying over people’s heads because I’m talking about something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s in them. It’s more in the future and preparing for the future with media systems and so forth, but with other entrepreneurs they have all of these formulas. They have all of these steps and it gets really really complicated when it doesn’t have to be do you think in your opinion that entrepreneurs kind of complicate the process intentionally to make it sound more valuable than it really is.

Jermane Cheathem: It’s a good question. Depends on the entrepreneur if they’re in advance entrepreneur. There’s a good chance they are. Because they know what they’re doing if you’re an amateur. You aren’t doing an intentionally. You just don’t know how to communicate and put together the correct aging the marketing messaging. So I would say the biggest problem for entrepreneurs in general when it comes to…

Joshua T Berglan: Okay.

Jermane Cheathem: how to Market themselves is they’re too close to the product. So they talk about the product from the first person standpoint.

Jermane Cheathem: And they don’t realize the person they’re talking to has no idea what they’re saying because they don’t have the five years or 10 years of experience that you have while you’re talking about it. So the goal is to talk about your product as if you’re talking to a five year old make it so stupid simple where it’s like, you cook pizzas for other people great that you have a pizzeria that it’s keep it so stupid simple. I think complexity is something that people do sell because they realize I make a complex then they’ll have to buy it because it sounds confusing and they can’t do it on their own right? I just don’t believe in that I believe in keeping things simple. So people can buy and they believe that they can execute on it because it’s simple

Joshua T Berglan: I so I made a note of that. I’ve bounced back and forth with this for a long time with because I have a lot of different things that I do and that I teach and I’m passionate about and I’m good at when it comes to technology media production that kind of thing and the systems that I have. And I’ve gone from Seven services to one to seven to four three. I think it’s at four. I’m going to turn it to one and I know what to do now and the reason because I never want to leave anyone hanging and trying to like and the people that I’m called to serve and I want to serve so I’m trying to integrate these services and price points that didn’t price people out that I want to help or even give the opportunity that listen if they don’t have the money then we can work out a time value exchange type thing.

Joshua T Berglan: but at the same time, I do some very big ticket projects as well and trying to find that sweet spot has been challenging for me. And so I’ve been kind of about as wishy-washy about the approach as possible making it more complicated for myself. And to be honest I’ve already said this function better when things are simple. So why would I want that to be for the same? So I appreciate that advice because for me I’m able to apply that to something. I’ve been wrestling internally for a long time. thank you for that. so when you’re an entrepreneur and you have Freedom, by the way, I heard you say you’re traveling with your family?

Jermane Cheathem: My partner she travels with me. Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan: That’s So Dope that you’re doing that so for me I have the world tour vision for what I’m creating But I didn’t want to do that without my family and early on. Of course. I never thought that was possible. I was always drawn to rockstars and that life of traveling and being on the road and Performing like it’s in my blood. that I’m drawn to it. but then I was like how do you do that with a family because I like it kind of wanted a family and of all people Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue I know this is really maybe aging myself. But seeing him I remember seeing articles and I was a big mama not as much now, but I was a huge Motley Crue fan.

Joshua T Berglan: And when Nikki Six got sober and he was traveling with this kids on tour that was such an inspiring thing for me. so when I meet people in real life like yourself that are doing it with whether it’s the partner or their whole family like that excites me and I’m fortunate that and now have that family that wants to take off and go and be gone and explore and meet new people, but I never believe that was possible. so when you have these aspirations and dreams of doing things that seem like

Joshua T Berglan: I mean I would imagine a lot of people are envious of your lifestyle. But before you set off for a lifestyle like that, what are the thoughts going through your head? what type of insecurities did you face doubt? did you question whether you could pull this off or not? what was your mindset going into this life you live?

Jermane Cheathem:

Jermane Cheathem: I mean, I don’t think fears are insecurities or doubts ever go away. It’s just how you compartmentalize them. And then reframe them. Because life is life The Human Experience of The Human Experience.

Joshua T Berglan:

Jermane Cheathem: And so it’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get scared. You’re gonna think you’re not good enough, you’re gonna think you’re gonna fail you’re gonna think all these things about yourself and I’ve been dealing with this since I was five or six years old. This is part of the human experience, but luckily I face this Crossroad at a very young age. So I learned at a young age how to handle it and all it is realizing all these thoughts are just stories. You’re telling yourself about Mutual events. and so

Jermane Cheathem: There’s no reason to dwell on them. There’s nothing to ruminate about just move forward with Whatever your plan was. So, of course I have fears and insecurities in doubts every day all day, but the beautiful thing about a strong mentality is just knowing And trusting that you’ll find a…

Joshua T Berglan: Yeah.

Jermane Cheathem: And when you believe in your faith that life is working for you not against you and people are here to help you because you see it with your own eyes. You see acts of kindness you see out acts of support this in the world and you were talking about shared experiences with Motley Crue and his kids and everything, traveling with someone else or your family it life is about shared experiences working with other people in business is about shared experiences.

Jermane Cheathem: And if you think about business and life from that context, it’s really hard to lose or even feel bad about yourself or feel dark about the future because there’s always opportunity to connect with someone else as part of the shared Human Experience.

Joshua T Berglan: Man, I am so glad that. I did this interview. Like I said in the beginning I don’t really like to interview business people because it just doesn’t interest me. I’m more into humanitarian or really weird obscure things or Shadow prison or organ I mean, I like to cover very challenging topics. but I’m so glad I did this this actually motivates me to want to have more people like you on or just have you back on I’m inspired by you for a lot of different reasons and I’m glad I signed up for your course and give once you plug your social media plug your website plug anything you want and then also you close this out and share anything that’s on your heart. any message that you feel led to deliver the floor is yours.

Jermane Cheathem: Yeah, so is the best place to connect with me. I’m on all the socials as well so you can find me there but It’s interesting. You said that You don’t like talking to business people and entrepreneurs and I understand what you’re getting at because most of them think about life from a very closed frame. It’s a very numbers-driven. it’s just not from an open place in their heart and I have a lucky gift that I have a very big heart but also a very big brain so I have this kind of 50/50 split so I can step into both. I always say I live my feet on the ground, but my head during the clouds and so I think it’s important to realize.

Jermane Cheathem: That Business and Entrepreneurship is just a tool to self-actualize. And you literally are throwing it into the ocean and have to figure out how to swim and as an employee you really don’t have to know how to swim because you have a blueprint you have support you have crutches. You have sick leave you have all this stuff and I want to learn how to swim the swim in the ocean. That’s my whole goal. And so I just encourage people that are on the sidelines that want to self actualize and become who they really are and see what they’re capable of. even as a side hustle get into entrepreneurship because who you become is way more powerful than how much money you make or what countries you go to or how much free time you have. It’s really about

Jermane Cheathem: testing limits of this Human Experience and building something and creating something that people want and you can actually deliver that gift. That’s why I’m excited to hear about you narrowing your focus on one thing because all those other seven things can come later. But once you master the one thing that you enjoy doing people want to buy from you, then you start can dabble off after that but You have something to give to people and something you’re good at that. I’m not good at that Tom’s not good at So only you can do that and I think it’s important for everyone to find whatever their gift is and let their music out through the vehicle of Entrepreneurship.

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Originally published at on November 17, 2023.



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