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In today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, the concepts of market design and game theory are gaining significant traction. Enter Noah Healy, a luminary who has seamlessly transitioned from nuclear engineering to the dot-com boom, and now stands at the forefront of redefining economic systems. In this exclusive interview hosted by For those keen on delving deeper into Noah’s work, he’s reachable via and the official “
Joshua T Berglan for “ The World’s Mayor Experience ,” Episode 5, we uncover the layers of Noah’s journey and his vision for the future.

From Nuclear Engineering to Tech Startups

Noah’s initial foray into nuclear engineering was driven by a fascination with atomic reactions and their vast potential applications. However, the allure of the dot-com era’s rapid innovations soon beckoned. “The discipline and analytical skills from nuclear engineering were invaluable in the tech startup world,” shares Noah. One of the pivotal lessons he imbibed was the essence of adaptability in a dynamic environment.

The Allure of Market Design and Game Theory

The world of mathematics, particularly the nuances of information and computation, has always intrigued Noah. This curiosity paved the way for his deep dive into market design and game theory. “The quest for better economic systems is about crafting more efficient, equitable, and sustainable economic models,” he explains.

Redefining Commodity Market Design

Traditional commodity market models often fall short, operating on assumptions that don’t mirror real-world intricacies. Noah’s patented approach seeks to bridge these gaps, ushering in a new era of realistic and efficient systems. “The journey was riddled with challenges, but perseverance and a robust support system were my pillars,” he reflects.

Coordisc: The Future of Economic Systems

Noah’s brainchild, Coordisc, epitomizes his years of research and understanding. It’s poised to revolutionize our perception of economic systems. His whitepaper, a deep dive into this transformative concept, aims to ignite discussions and innovations in the sector.

Embracing Multimedia for Effective Communication

In our digital age, multimedia platforms offer an immersive way to convey intricate ideas. “Videos and podcasts make content more accessible, catering to a diverse audience,” Noah opines. For novices, he recommends the video explanation as a starting point, given its visual appeal.

Looking Ahead: Noah’s Vision

With several groundbreaking projects in the pipeline, Noah’s journey with Coordisc is just taking off. “I envision a future where economic systems are transparent, efficient, and inclusive,” he muses.

Gleaning Personal Insights

“The Theory of Everything” stands out as a pivotal influence in Noah’s career, offering insights into the universe’s interconnectedness. His mantra for staying abreast in dynamic fields? Continuous learning, networking, and hands-on experimentation. To budding professionals, he advises, “Stay curious and never cease to learn.”

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