Gratitude:UnFiltered “Double Date”

A Special Gratitude:UnFiltered featuring my wife Jessica Linn and power Kingdom Couple Vince Nelson and Bethany A. Williams #Live on the Live Mana Worldwide Multimedia Broadcast Network!

Meet Bethany Williams

Known as an IT executive, speaker, author, and talk show host, Bethany Williams helps people launch their own LIFE ADVENTURE. Her resume includes senior leadership experience acting as a growth agent for companies like IDX, GE, Perot Systems, PWC, ZirMed, and Office Practicum. Coupled with her powerful corporate background and wisdom gained from the loss of two husbands, being a single mom, and overcoming intense physical pain and limitations, Bethany’s strength in relationships is helping people identify their areas for growth, overcome adversity, and move forward in life. After a painful divorce from a marriage of fifteen years, Bethany set off on the dating journey as a ‘second chance single’. In search of an authentic lasting connection, she and Vince set off on a relationship adventure that would not only transform their lives, but also thousands around them that watched the journey from afar.

Meet Vince Nelson

Vincent Nelson, the managing partner for Arno Wealth and The Church Guys, was a pastor for seventeen years, helping thousands of people identify the soul issues within; issues of the mind, the will, and emotions that keep people from experiencing healthy relationships. Having walked through his own healing journey from deep painful childhood issues, Vince wrote his first book, ‘Child of the King’ to help individuals let go of past shame, guilt and failure and empowers them to experience their infinite value and live their purpose. As Bethany and Vince began publicly sharing their own raw and real stories of relationship failures, thousands began to follow and experience a truth and love journey of their own. The two unique stories of their broken lives colliding together in an impossible way created an experience they’d never imagined, deep connectedness and life-giving intimacy.

Meet them both at

Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer

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