How To Pick The Perfect Business Partner or Spouse in 5 Easy Steps — Live Mana Worldwide- Connecting the Best With the Best

  1. Try Before You Buy- Ever meet someone that you just hit it off with? You first meet and it seems like it is destiny that you two met and spend your life (insert verb here) together? You get home and you cannot stop thinking of that person so you immediately call them although you know there is a 3 day rule? Yeah, I am guilty of breaking that 3-day rule when it comes to seeking out business partners. Wait, did you think I was talking about a love interest? Yes, that applies in that situation too. Here is the lesson. Odds are, if you “jump in” to a committed relationship with that person instead of taking your time to see them in all lights and situations, it could come back to haunt you in business and love. I have made this mistake plenty of times because I am a passionate guy and if I get excited about something or someone, it had been impossible for me to see anything but a dream scenario come out of both situations. After suffering huge consequences from these actions, I learned my lesson and learned to take things slow and not jump into commitments that I would later regret. It is hard enough after dating or working on a smaller deal with a person for a while to get it right but taking your time before you jump into a commitment is ideal for having an ideal relationship.
  2. Travel Together- My mom believes that if you cannot travel together, you cannot be together. I agree with her whole heartedly because there is nothing worse than going on a trip and having the person you are expecting to have a great time with (because why else would you take them on a trip?) become a socially awkward troll! Traveling is supposed to be exciting and bring out the best in someone. If you cannot travel with that person, you cannot commit to them.
  3. Look For Matching Values- In my opinion, this is extremely important. My father, a Christian married a Jewish woman before he met my mother. There were no complications over religion or beliefs until they had children and when the holidays arrived. Religion did not alter their values however if you cannot be respectful of each other’s religions, then respecting your potential partner’s values may be even more challenging if they differ from yours. Let’s say that you live a sober lifestyle and your potential partner is a partier. This can cause huge issues, especially if you conduct business meetings together. I believe that instead of working to respect someone values that are different than yours, it will be easier to find a partner who shares your values.
  4. Varied Strengths- Opposites attract, right? Well, that is the rumor and I have tried to convince myself of this over the years however I find myself drawn to others just like me. I am “different”, I see the world differently than most and I am extremely high energy. It is very hard for people who are not like me to understand me and as comfortable as that makes me, it is not in my best interest to date or become business partners with someone like me. My friend Deb Harris is famous for saying “People like to network with like minded, yet in building power partners is more like a complementary marriage. I like to use a C-level scenario. Every company in the world has executives at the top. A CEO is the visionary and is the broad scope thinker, while CFO Chief Financial Officer is the money controller (we like to call the “left brained”). Then we have CMO Chief Marketing officer, who not only drive sales, has a community & communication flavor (right brain). A CIO Chief Information Officer is our Technology genius (very left) lol, The bigger the companies the more niched the C-level positions they may have. When choosing who you will go out networking with. Identify which C-level best describes you. Your power partner doesn’t need to have a complete polarity of your personality and character traits but brings a sweet strategic alignment to success. The bigger the companies the more niched the C-level positions they may have.”
  5. Find Someone Trustworthy- Isn’t this obvious? There is no relationship without trust. You cannot marry someone you do not trust your heart, mind, and soul with and you should not do business with people you cannot trust either. If someone is unethical, you should also not have anything to do with them because going to jail with them may be the best ending you experience. You have to trust them with money, your heart, your pet, your kids, you have to trust them with everything or there is no reason you should jump into any type of commitment with them.



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Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan

Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer