Joshua “The World’s Mayor” featuring Kelly Ann Winget

Thank you for joining Joshua “The World’s Mayor” and Kelly Ann Winget for a powerful discussion about empowering women, minorities and making a way for those who are normally left behind.

“I started my career in a male-dominated sales space, and I’ve been crashing through glass ceilings ever since. I’ve spent years working behind the curtain on over 700 Million dollars worth of private investments. I believe that money is very powerful, and in the hands of women, it can be even more powerful.” — Kelly Ann Winget.

Kelly Ann Winget, the 30-something-year-old CEO and founder of Dallas-based private equity firm, Alternative Wealth Partners, has raised almost 15 million dollars in her first fund in less than 12 months. with some dividends hitting investors’ accounts in less than 30 days from when they invested. Kelly Ann has over a decade of experience in alternative investment, sourcing creative capital for startups, oil & gas companies, manufacturing ventures, real estate, and several other emerging markets. Additionally, Kelly Ann charges no upfront or additional management fees–all costs associated with running the fund come out of her 20% GP split.

Breaking through glass ceilings in the financial sector is not her only challenge. Being a young gay female in a predominately older male-dominated space has also had its challenges. However, those struggles have created a strong foundation within her, helping her guide other women into financial freedom. Every day she works to redirect the financial narrative about women towards one of full possibility, plausibility, and excitement. Not only is she a spark but also the kindling, firing up other women to likewise pursue their own financial independence and sovereignty.

Kelly Ann has been strongly championing women in various pursuits in 2022. Such as being actively involved with and an investor for Ellevest, the #1 investing platform for women by women. A pinnacle sponsor at the REBNY event: New York Forever: A Celebration of Our City, where she represented women as investors in the real estate space. She created and hosted a FemCoin event for the Women of Crypto at the Consensus 2022 festival in Austin, Texas. And she recently launched Fashion Full Circle, LLC with co-founder Sterling Woerner. This Texas-based company aims to create opportunities for women to step into their power and lead change in their communities.

“Good things happen when women support women in business. Kelly Ann Winget has been a champion for women in finance and as an investor in Ellevest, is committed to getting more money into the hands of women.” — Sallie Krawcheck, CEO + Co-Founder, Ellevest



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Thank you and be blessed!

Joshua T Berglan

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