We are taught at a very young age to participate in self-dialog.

As a child I remember my dad calling me “motor-mouth,” or asking “who put a quarter in it” when I would try to tell a story.

Our parents and teachers tell us to talk to ourselves, rather than out loud.

They do not talk to us unless it is on topic with their own agenda.

And half the time they are manipulating the narrative in order to achieve their desired results.

To add fuel to the fire,

During conflict we are then sent to our rooms, often angry and confused.

We are sent away with no one to talk to but ourselves.

How do we learn to love correctly if we are never shown love that is unconditional?

As adults, we are holding things from our childhood,

Because we were never given a safe space.

Now we are so used to keeping things to ourselves that

It’s become hard to believe anyone wants to take our pain from us.

So we find places inside of ourselves to tuck it all away,

Until it manifests into physical form.

Our minds have been programmed to be noisy,

And it’s making us sick.

It’s literally killing us.

We have been programmed to talk to ourselves, rather than to be silent.

This makes our mind like a playground for the devil.

Because he knows that it is hard to hear God with so much noise.

Last night I made the decision to unplug that cord tying me to this world.

I told my mind to be still.

I turned off the noise.

This morning the fog was gone,

my faith was a little bit bigger,

and I remembered to listen a bit longer than I speak.

Carry each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

–Galatians 6:2

With Love,

Jessica Linn



Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor'

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