Live Mana Cinema, is home to empowering, life-changing, and Spirit filling films from people all over the world. Want your film shown globally or looking to attract investors to help you fund your next project? Email to learn how you can broadcast your films here or be a part of Night At The Movies!

Live Mana Network — A Digital Noah’s Ark is a Multimedia Broadcast Network that delivers inspiring, thought-provoking, Spirit-filled, and unfiltered content from voices from all walks of life. Whether it is through film, talk shows, ministries, or other original forms of content, each broadcast is intended to stir up strong emotions in our audience. Some content will be considered shocking however it is always meant to inspire change, as our foundation’s goal is to elevate passion, purpose, and the mission of those we serve. Our content is designed to deliver hard-hitting truths while inspiring the audience to live the life they were created to live.

Please download our APP on Roku, Amazin Fire, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, your Smart TVs, and your favorite podcast platform. You can also find us on Google News!

Feel free to contact us if we can pray for you, you would like to join our mission, you have media or broadcasting needs, or just tell us what’s on your mind.

Be blessed!

Joshua T Berglan & Jessica Linn




Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer

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Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan

Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer

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