School Safety and Preparedness: An Insightful Discussion with Daniel D

School Safety and Preparedness: An Insightful Discussion with Daniel Dluzneski

In the latest episode of The World’s Mayor Experience, we delve into the critical topic of school safety, the nuances of emergency management, and the paramount importance of readiness for unexpected challenges.

About Our Esteemed Guest: Daniel Dluzneski

Daniel boasts an impressive career trajectory, having served as a Retired Lieutenant for the U.S. Secret Service. He later took on the mantle of Coordinator of Emergency Management, Safety, and Security for Pinellas County Schools. A graduate in Criminal Justice from Southern Illinois University, Daniel’s expertise in the field is unparalleled.

A Glimpse into His Secret Service Journey:
- A commendable 24-year tenure.
- Integral part of the canine bomb detection unit, working closely with his dog, Korak.
- Entrusted with the safety of the President, Vice President, and their immediate families.
- Achieved certification as a Crime Scene Search Technician.
- Represented as a Public Affairs Spokesperson.
- Played a pivotal role as a Special Operation Officer for White House Historical tours.

Achievements in Pinellas County Schools:

- Acquired CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) certification.
- Recognized as Fire Inspector I by the State of Florida.
- Orchestrated and supervised over 100 Active Shooter School Drills.
- Pioneered the standardization of school emergency plans.

Post his illustrious stint with the Secret Service, Daniel channeled his expertise towards the Pinellas County school system. His proactive approach to safety and training fortified the security of over 140 schools, safeguarding 104,000 students.

Daniel’s Vision and Mission:

Daniel is driven by a mission to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge on emergency response, spanning from active shooter scenarios to fire and bomb threats. Drawing from his extensive experience, he endeavors to bolster confidence in individuals, underscoring the essence of proactive preparedness.

Engage with Daniel Dluzneski:

- Explore his [ LinkedIn Profile]
- Dive into his insights in his [book on Amazon]

Embark on this enlightening journey with us as we navigate the complexities of school safety, confront the challenges head-on, and unearth solutions that can fortify our educational bastions. Stay tuned, like, share, and subscribe for a treasure trove of insightful episodes!

Originally published at on September 12, 2023.



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