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Seek The Kingdom

Joshua T Berglan (11s):

What is up everyone, this is Gratitude UnFiltered and I’m your host. Joshua T Berglan thank you so much for being here tonight.

We are live right now on the e360 television network being broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon fire, Apple TV, Roku, Instagram TV, and of course the podcast networks. Thank you guys so much for being here. A this is going to be a very, very interesting show. Um, but first and foremost, thank you for being here. I am extremely, what’s up Mona? Good to see you. Hi Jessica. Good to see you, Sharon. The usual people. Thank you guys so much for being here. Um, well thank you.

That’s very nice of you, Jessica. Today. I am. I am so grateful. Uh, I had the opportunity to sit down and meet with some of the leadership at word of God church and I’m not going to share everything today, but I will say that a lot of the vision that I’ve shared over the years of what I believe that God has called me to do took a major step forward today.

And, um, I’m, I’m just extremely grateful not only to have a group of people that believe in me and, um, I’m grateful to have people believe in me. And at the same time, it’s not just their belief in me, it’s, it’s a desire to work together and collaborate for the long haul. And even though my church is here in Oklahoma city, A today a major step forward to the place to expand that ministry and of course allow me to be able to fulfill the vision that God put on my heart years ago.

And, um, and something that I’ve been working towards for a long time and I’m grateful for that today. I’m grateful just to be heard, even if there’s a no, even if whatever. I mean, even though we are moving forward, you know, life is unpredictable, but today was a major step forward and I’m extremely, extremely grateful and I, you know, I know a lot about what’s up, Julie. Good to see you. Um, you know, and I know a lot of people, you know, one of the things that may be they’ve felt a, and it may be you’re this way and please comment if you are, but one of those people that you feel like you’re not being heard.

And I know what that’s like on a pretty big level. And I, and I, and for me that is a maddening thing. I’ve think I’ve shared this before, but you know, the one way, no one, when I was a kid, you know, like punishments didn’t really work very normal for me. So, but the one way that my mom could get to me was by ignoring me. And that goes a lot with not having a voice, not being heard and so on. But it’s a massive trigger for me. And, um, you know, and it’s just, it feels really good to be with a group, a ministry that not only hears me, but they’re willing to at least give things a shot and take some pretty bold outside of the box chances and for that, I’m grateful today.

Um, so, um, I’m gonna we’re going to talk about seeking the kingdom of God today, but what I want to do, there’s a lot of really weird energy in the atmosphere. Um, does anyone else feel this? I mean, like for all of the, the awakening and all of those other things going on? Uh, it sure seems like there’s a lot of toxic crap and the air and maybe that’s just because so much has been stirred up. So I’m going to do something a little bold.

Um, I’m going to pray deliverance, prayer and I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the deliverance prayer. Um, it’s can be pretty heavy. This is actually called a warfare prayer because I think those are a lot of people that are experiencing, that’s experiencing warfare on a whole new level. Um, you know, whether it’s something that you’re getting from the, the media, the news, uh, relationships, whatever it may be. I want to do a really blanket yet very detailed prayer and pray over you guys and you can pray in agreement if you would like.

Um, I have a copy of this. This is a PDF and I’m happy to send it to anyone who asked, but I want to do this before I go into seeking the Kingdom because what I believe that these prayers do, they give us a clean slate, the kind of remove some things and sometimes we have some stuff hiding inside of us and, and, and these prayers have a tendency to bring it out and release it. So I want to pray this over you. And again, some of this may be a little freaky to you because some of the things that I talk about in this, it’s pretty bold.

So that said, hang on tight, I’m going to take it and take it. Take a deep breath and, and read this prayer. And again, I’m praying this over you guys and if you want to receive it, just say I receive because again this is, this is not your normal prayer. Let’s get into it. Father, I cover our church. It’s pastors, peoples, ministries, facilities, all that we are, have and possess including our families and children, our jobs, incomes, finances, possessions, health, safety, welfare, travels by car, boat, plane, our bodies.

And all of our body parts, systems, organ structures and functions, all with the precious blood of Christ Jesus, all permanently, immediately, completely continually by trusting and expectant faith in Christ Jesus name, I bind Satan, the princes of the North, South, East and West. The princes over continent, country, state and province and country and community, all continents, all countries, all States, all provinces, all countries, all counties, and all communities.

I bind Satan, all territorial spirits everywhere and all principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, wicked spirits and high places in all spirits, not of the Holy spirit. I bind the ruler spirit over our churches and our ruler spirits assigned to all church members, our loved ones, children, me and all spirits above, around and below them.

I bind and brake. All of the assignments I bind all watcher, spirits, scanners, spirits, Eve, droppers, spirits, all spirits of divination, witchcraft, Jessebelle, Python, Ahab, guile, anti-Christ, fault-finding, death, slander, scandal, rumor, definition, bill will, detraction, accusations, false accusations, persecution, litigation, assassination, character assassination, opposition, hindrance, interference, obstruction, ruin, destruction, theft, murder, discontent, confusion, all warring spirits, the spirits of Kane, Baalam and Kara.

All familiar spirits assigned to all members of all families and me. All spirits of confusion, lies, deception, division, discord, argument, discontent, seduction, lust, perversion, spiritual, whew and temporal. Adultery and fornication, pride, presumption, arrogance, unbelief, doubt, fear, all nature, spirits, all spirits of indigenous, indigenous peoples’ and religious spirits and spirits of unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, resentment, hate, spite, malice, and all of their kindred spirits.

I bind all spirits, not of the Holy spirit. I bind all of their physical, psychic, spiritual attacks, assignments and operations, all of their seedings works plans, activities, blueprints, plots, plans, designs, traps, while snares assignments and all curses hexis, vexes B, which meds enhancements can trips ligatures and judgments of witches and warlocks and all acts of evil, sorcery, witchcraft, magic candle, magic potion, magic, white magic. Black magic voodoo, all blood packs, blood sacrifices and blood covenants of witchcraft, all national and continental, witchcraft workings and curses, all demonic thoughts, threats and mental low, low locutions statements and indications.

All self-inflicted curses through negative confession. All curses spoken over the churches. It’s pastors, elders or peoples. Any of our family member’s our children or me, any such curse is spoken over, formed against or directed to any of our pastors or our marriages, families, possessions, health, safety, welfare, jobs, income, our physical bodies, our lives, all that they or we are, have or possess.

I take all of these things into cap. I take all of these things into captivity to Christ and by faith call them all canceled, made null and void. Never manifested, never come to pass, cursed and destroyed at the roots and rendered of no effect. Judged, spoiled, never seated, cast down his vain thoughts and imaginations and broken off of our pastors, church, people’s families, ministries and each and every one of us watching Gratitude UnFiltered right now, all immediately, completely permanently and continually.

I cut and sever all ties, bonds, coords and soul ties with corporate or personal sin. Repenting father for our people and myself and renouncing our sin all by wasting and expect it faith and Christ Jesus name and for your glory father having bound all of these spirits and all spirits, not of the Holy spirit father, I now break their communications and supply lines and bind up and off all reinforcements. I speak in decree upon them, spiritual confusion, deafness, dumbness, blindness and cap, cap, But decision paralysis.

I throw all of their plans and to continual confusion and disarray and I decree all of the things accomplished immediately, completely, permanently, and continually. All by trusting and expected faith in Christ Jesus. Name for your glory. Father, I loose the pastors, our people, ministries, facilities, our children and families and all of us from all spirits mentioned an unmentioned and known and unknown whom we also bind and bind them all and off permanently.

We come together in agreement for ministry and angels of the Lord Christ Jesus to be dispatched immediately to all member to them and bring in for the harvest or for our upcoming event of the Gratitude UnFiltered world tour to be held worldwide for your glory. Lord, woo them by your Holy spirit, Lord, Holy spirit, direct them.

Then I bind Satan. All territorial spirits and all spirits mentioned, an unmentioned known and unknown up in, off from retaliate, in taking revenge or getting even against any of us against anything that we are, have, or possess in any way, manner or form to and through an individual organization, adversary or would be adversary from this day, any day, past or any day to come and decrease such forbidden all immediately, completely, permanently, and continually.

All by trusting and expectant faith in Christ Jesus name. Whew. Um, Deidre says, I would recommend that you put on the full armor of God before praying such a prayer. That’s a Warrior’s prayer. Okay. So what does that mean? What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say, I didn’t put on the full armor of God? I don’t know what that means. Um, so please explain. Uh, Jessica, good to see you, Todd. My man. Good to see your brother. Um, happy Wednesday, Shirin.

Great to see you. Uh, Kingdom blessings. First-timer God bless this vessel. Thank you, Samantha, for being here. Wow. That was, uh, that’s intense. And I don’t know why I would recommend, I love it when people give advice. Like, I mean, what does that mean? Why would you explain that to me please? Anyway, so the reason I did that is, and I, as I explained to you, is there’s a lot of wicked stuff going on and if you have a figured out by now, we are truly in a spiritual battle.

This is not, you know, the crap you see on Fox news. It’s much, much deeper and much, much darker than that. And there’s a lot of people that are getting wrapped up and kind of bound by some of these spirits. And I felt it was necessary to pray this to do a cleansing of sorts because I don’t know about you, but spiritual attacks are not much fun. And those of you who understand what you know being, you know, the spiritual attacks are, if you know what it’s like to be possessed, it’s a terrifying thing. And those of your life, well, the spiritual battle, there’s no such thing as demons straight up one to tell you that.

I can tell you firsthand, demons are real and it’s terrifying and it’s prayers like this that help set me free. Now here’s the thing. You can be delivered from pretty much everything. I believe Jesus, the blood of Jesus will heal anything. But you can invite spirits back in. You can release and break soul ties. You can, you can break curses spoken against you. The generational curses, you can remove those evil spirits from your body. You absolutely can, but don’t get it twisted.

They can easily come back. And that is why it’s necessary to walk in obedience. Look, the enemy wants you to make the same mistake. That’s all he can do to you. That’s, that’s all the only attack the enemy has are what you’ve given him but your past. Okay. But if you’ve already been delivered and set free, you can shoe that away. But the longer you entertain those negative thoughts and those, those unrighteous thoughts or actions and those the old nature, you tap back into that world, you’re just inviting those spirits back.

And here’s the thing, that’s the truth. When they see those spirits come back, they bring all of the friends. So if you want to copy of that prayer, I am happy to send it to you. Um, I have a few different ones, but I think they’re all pretty, pretty powerful. So anyway, what’s up DEC? Good to see you, man. Yeah. Yes you can. It’s very easy to wear, easy to bring evil back into your life. Music, TV shows, people, et cetera. Oh people, that’s a big one. Anyway, so we’re going to do something really, really kind of easy today.

And I would like for you guys to comment along, but we do spend a lot of time talking about Kingdom stuff, the kingdom of God. So, you know, I feel it was appropriate to go into this. This is pretty, pretty simple. Um, but I think it’s powerful nonetheless. So here we go. Seek the kingdom. Matthew six 31 through 34 but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added to you.

What is your purpose in life? What is your reason for living? A mother may answer. It’s my children. How many of you would say that? How many of your mothers would say your purpose in life is your children? A businessman might say, it’s my work. How would you answer that question? So audience, feel free to comment along. But how would you, what would you say your purpose is? Well, before going into this, I want to reiterate this.

Your purpose in life is the reason you were created. If you ever believe for one second, you tell yourself to lie, that you’re not important. You don’t matter, you don’t have any skills. We heard last night someone say that their purpose, they loved, you know, they were passionate about taking, you know, taking photos or photography and they felt that that wasn’t, you know, good enough. Well, I disagree. You know, and we went through that and all that.

I don’t need to repeat it, but every one of you were designed for something very, very unique that only you can fulfill. And when you don’t live your purpose and you don’t take, and it’s a step into faith. But when you don’t do that, you are an exact defiance to your creator and why you were created. So purpose matters. And the reason why I did that prayer, I was going to do it after, but I know this, it’s really, really hard when you’re bogged down by a lot of negative thoughts and a lot of just, you know, you were, maybe you’re depressed, you’re stressed out, you don’t know where your money’s going to come from.

You don’t know how you’re going to pay rent, you don’t know any of that stuff. You don’t have a job. And your, you got a lot of noise up there. When you have a lot of noise up here, it’s really hard to hear God or the Holy spirit prompt you. It’s very hard. So I, that’s why I like these prayers is because they, they’re cleansing. Do you know what I mean? So, and going back to the comment, um, the purpose said, my purpose on earth is to bring my kingdom, my father’s kingdom here to earth. Amen.

That was amazing. I would never, would you ever consider possibly making some sort of link for people to listen to these amazing prayers? Do you pray for us? Yes, I will. I will share it. God doesn’t walk. Want us to talk poorly about ourselves? Absolutely. He doesn’t to worship God. That’s a good one. I like that. Watch that. Watch that. Be observant to your surroundings, surroundings. I don’t know what that means. Um, okay. That’s very good. I’m trying to figure it out. The armor thing. Why? Like why that was said, I put on the armor every day and I know what a warrior is.

Prayers. I pray them every day. Still confused with that. It’s kind of like the person that called me a baldheaded idiot a couple of weeks ago. All right. Let me get back in to this. In the first recorded message of Jesus, he came into Galilee preaching the gospel of God and saying, the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe, and the gospel to Jesus. The kingdom of God was the very essence of life.

So much though that he talked more on the Kingdom than any other subject. JE, you think it would be important. And another thing, why is it that the churches don’t teach this seriously? If Jesus talked about this more than anything else, I mean more than love, more than sin. He talked about the Kingdom. Why is this not more important? Seriously?

Like is this some great mystery? Like why would somebody want us to not know about the of heaven, especially the church? Did you know, and I found this today when I was researching a different things about the kingdom and the kingdom of heaven. Every religion has its version of Kingdom principles and they virtually mirror each other. Did you know that? Um, and maybe that’s why the Kingdom principles work for everybody. They work for nonbelievers and believers.

But if you’re not obedient, of course there’s consequences to that. But every single religion has their version of the kingdom of heaven. I find that fascinating. But how many religions actually teach it? How many religions or how many churches of the Christian religion, how many of them actually teach the kingdom of heaven? I can tell you this, I’ve bounced around to a lot of different churches and I have not heard anyone teach about this except for my church.

Word of God church, and of course you know Graham Cooke and miles Monroe to do, but I haven’t been to their church, but that’s it. No one really talks about this and I don’t know why did Jesus, the kingdom of God was the very essence of life. So much so that he talked more on the Kingdom than any other subject within the gospels. We find 139 references by Jesus to the kingdom of God or it’s equivalent. Therefore, when Jesus says seek first the kingdom of God, it is not just a statement or part of a sermon, it is as heartbeat.

It is a matter of great importance. It is a life choice. In fact, if you are a true follower of Christ, it is your life choice, the core purpose of your existence. Look, so many of us are like, well, I got to work. I got to do. That is correct. That is absolutely right. And I still want you to answer my question about the armor please. Um, because, and here’s the thing, I’m a little bit obsessive compulsive, so I’m in a harp on this until you answer the question.

I’m just letting you know and I’m going to keep bugging you about it too. So Seek for us. So seeking first the kingdom of God. So, so many of us, and I’ve talked about this a lot about how, you know, we should have put God first in everything we do in our relationships, in our, and our families and our work and everything. But keep in mind seeking God first is also seeking what he wants from you above everything else.

You may have this desire that, well, I need to go out and work and I need to grind it. I need to go on and hustle because I got all of these big dreams and aspirations and I want to do, I want a yacht, I want this and that. And you may have those goals. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having that kind of ambition. However, if you are not seeking God, meaning seeking God’s counsel, seeking God’s wisdom, seeking God’s truth, seeking God for Gratitude so you can God for loves, he can God for you. You get the point in everything you do.

Seek God first and how you choose your relationships, your business partners, you go to God first. And, and, and that is, that in itself is one of the greatest disappoint you can get because What if you found out what if you had the greatest skill, umm, that you were one of the greatest artists of all time and you were just determined that, you know, you could do some really cool, like you were like a hybrid of van Gogh and Dolly, which that would be like a badass and trip.

But you know what I mean? And you’re just gifted and you want to do all this like shocking, you know, fun art and then you, and you want the masses to do it. And that’s how you are driven.

Speaker 4 (24m 55s):


Joshua T Berglan (24m 55s):

But what if God had other plans for you? What if God wanted you to do something less glamorous and maybe just paint for the Kingdom and you’re looking at this going, What this is so this is like, but there’s no money here. Like I can’t. It’s like serving God. Like I can’t, I can’t provide for my family. I can’t, I can’t this, I can’t, that that alone. When you say that you can’t do something serving God, that’s your first problem.

That’s your mindset and it’s terrifying. It’s terrifying to be all in on what God wants for you. Maybe God does want you to start a business and, and, and, and help to help the secular world. Maybe that’s what he wants you to do, but you’re not going to know that without seeking God first. And that part is extremely important. It is a hard, it is a challenge, but it is a discipline to be able to say that I will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, I trust you. I surrender all of this to you. I surrender my will to yours, use me. And you’re at the mercy of how God wants to use you. But that’s the ultimate show of love and respect and truly Gratitude towards our creator to say, I’m all in for your purposes. Remember, he’s the manufacturer, so the manufacturer knows what we’re created for.

He knows, you know, like manufactured a Ferrari, so he knows that you can go 250 miles an hour and it’s, you know, battle on gas and all that stuff, but it’s designed to do a certain function. You were the same. Your unique DNA is your design for your unique purpose, but the only way you can step into that is by fully surrendering to his purpose for your life. That’s it. E Stanley Jones writes, if Jesus made the kingdom of God, the center of his message in the center of his endeavor, the greatest need of man, as I see It is to rediscover the kingdom of God.

Man needs nothing so much as he needs something to bring life together in total meaning and total goal life for the modern man needs something to give total meaning to an otherwise fragmented life. Wow. He continues. He is confused, the most confused and yet the most intelligent person that ever existed. He knows everything about life except how to live it. Wow. If you, let’s, I’m going to read that again.

If Jesus made the kingdom of God, the center of his message in the center of his endeavor, the greatest need of man as I see It is to rediscover the kingdom of God. Man needs nothing so much as he needs something to bring life together in total meaning and total goal life for the modern man, it needs something to give total meaning to an otherwise fragmented life. He is confused, the most confused and yet the most intelligent person that ever existed.

He knows everything about life except how to live it. That’s that’s telling because how many, how many religious people, how many of the biggest church going devout Christians, Bible reading Bible thumpers is a lot of people like to call them that you talk to seem lost or they’re struggling and they’re confused or things are off. It makes me wonder, discovering and seeking the kingdom of God, his life transforming again.

That all ends. Surrender, that all end trust, that all end. Just use me for your purposes. His life changing. It’s spirit changing. It changes everything because when you’re doing this, when you’re D, you’re seeking the kingdom, you’re seeking God first and everything you do when you do that is amazing. The piece you have. It’s like all of the sudden it’s like you have taken, you know how you take things personal or you take things, um, like you just, you know, you take it so personal and so serious and it’s like, I got to do this.

I got to be the one to fix it. I got to, there’s a lot of pressure that we put on ourselves. I’ve got to provide for my family. I’ve got to do this, I got to do. And then it causes you to get stressed out. I mean, how many of you are like that? How many of you have experienced that in your life where you’re just like you’re losing it because you’re so stressed out because you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Whose fault is that? Is it yours? Is it your responsibility?

Is a gods? Is it someone else? It’s yours. You don’t have to take that on because I assure you the more sold out all In you are seeking the kingdom and trusting God and surrendering to his purpose. All of a sudden, all of that weight gets lifted off your shoulders. I got this big old, got this big sore in my neck like this and it’s like I surrender. It is gone and it’s all loose. I need more props.

I need to get some boulders now anyway, so, but if you are everything you give God everything, he will use everything he needs, he’ll use it for good in part. So surrender is allowing you to seek him first and his purpose and trust me, no matter what’s going on in the world, no matter what is going on in the world, no matter if you’re sick, you go to a disease, you, yeah, your wife cheated on you with the the pool boy, the, um, I w I don’t know why I keep using that example.

Um, you, you, you just lost your job. You’re sick, you’re fearing the coronavirus, whatever it may be, all of that stuff you can surrender over to God and, and, and everything in life that comes at you. You start to realize that if you were meant to overcome every obstacle that’s thrown at you, every one of them. But if you’re the one trying to control everything and you’re trying to be like, Oh, I’ve got to do that, I can do that.

You can’t do it alone. All of that is their, is to test your faith, to test your willingness to surrender full trust that God is going to work everything out for your best interest. He is, and I know it’s tough sometimes. I mean, somebody on the, one of the last shows I did, someone posted a picture of the starving kids in Africa that are dealing with famine and it’s like, where’s your God now? That’s what it said in the mail, and look, I see that stuff too and it makes me sad.

It makes me want to cry like I don’t. I don’t like seeing that stuff and I don’t know why. I don’t know the exact reasons why that is, but look, man, we were given dominion on this earth and we ruined it. We allowed sin to come in and infest and destroy basically what was meant to be the garden of Eden in this just blissful, beautiful place. Send destroyed it. There’s famine, there’s murder, there’s cheating, there’s rape, there’s et cetera.

There’s all of that because of sin. There’s greed. That’s why there’s people starving. God didn’t do that. God didn’t do that. God doesn’t have authority here on earth

Speaker 0 (33m 1s):

like we did it.

Joshua T Berglan (33m 5s):

We can’t blame God for what’s going on, but you know what? We can still tap into what God is like, who God is, who the Holy spirit is. What Jesus did for us. We can tap into all of that and we can use it for good. We can create change. We can reverse the course of this direction that we’re heading. Again, I believe that’s why we’re dealing with this epidemic. It’s a shaking. It’s God trying to wake us up.

T we’ve gotten so far away from what we were created to do and to be, everything has become more important than serving God for a lot of people and it’s no coincidence that we have the craziness and the world that we do. Jesus said that when we pray, we are to say, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew six 10 father, may your kingdom come.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. How did you guys feel about that? What’s up, Kimberly? Right. We are made in the image of God and we are wonderfully made. Psalms one 39 I think this would conclude that we can speak good about ourselves, not in pride, but know that God made us something wonderful. That’s right. We are extraordinary. Yes, this poor thing is going to break eventually. I need some new props.

Let’s see here. Um, so our world being destroyed because of our sin now. Just like the garden basically. Yeah. So when man was created and, and, and Kimberly, you’re probably better at this. What’s up Samantha? Good to see you. Um, Hey Patsy. Good to see you. Thank you for being here. I’m so to answer your question, so the way I understand it is, and I’ve kind of, when we did the Kings and Queens series a couple of weeks ago, you know, we kinda, we were saying like, man is just sitting there, God created man, man was doing his thing.

He is working in the garden of Eden. Like he was busy. He didn’t know he needed Eve

Speaker 0 (35m 20s):


Joshua T Berglan (35m 22s):

It was created because God decided that man needed Woolman and when Eve was created, they went along their, you know, they were doing their thing. But you see where man failed and everyone blames Eve for the Apple, it was man’s to lead that man. He had the choice to say no, and because he didn’t, he failed as a leader. Therefore, sin was introduced into the world. And then of course, you know the law and I don’t know that part about the curse of the belly.

I’m not as familiar with that. So forgive me about how the serpent ended up on his belly. Cause I think the serpents used to have legs. Could you imagine a walking snake? It’s like the Geico lizard, but bigger. Um, that’s bad example. Um, but that is in sin. And then of course when sin was entered, then you had Cain and Abel. That’s when murder was introduced and so on. And again, I’m not a Genesis scholar. This is something I get to go back and learn a little bit more. But that’s the gist of it is because we allowed sin because God gave us dominion over birds.

You have the animals, the trees, the water, all of that, that he gave us that dominion. But as we allowed send to enter, Satan got the control of a lot of people’s lives and things went to hell in a handbasket and, and a hand basket. Can I use that? I think it just did. So anyway, sin is what has done this. And the reason why the emphasis on repent is so big is like it’s turn away from your sin. And we have the opportunity because of what Christ did for us to bring the kingdom of heaven down to earth.

And it is within, um, as uh, as uh, where’d you go to do is Deidre said, yeah. Um, so anyway, I hope that makes sense Jessica. But that’s a really good comment. So anyway, this is short and sweet only 40 minutes today, but I’m glad that you guys were here. Um, you know, if you have any prayer requests, um, you know, please just comment below or send a message. Happy to pray for you guys. And if you want a copy of that deliverance prayer, send me a message.

I’m more than happy to send it to you. Look, guys, it’s, some of you don’t know what options you have. Some of you have lost everything and you don’t know when something’s coming back. I will tell you the greatest fail safe I’ve ever experienced in my life because look, there’s only so much you can do. You can go on and start hunting for jobs and you can, you know, network and you can go to events and you can do everything you can.

You’re in your physical body too. You know you can stay up for four days straight trying to, to create an opportunity and do that and that’s fine. Okay, fine. But I will tell you that to make your life easier in this pursuit of everything that you’re trying to do, I will tell you that the easiest thing that you can do is just seek God first and, and just say, father, die will be done. Doing that alone can really change the direction of your life forever.

Because if you pray, if you can trust God and you can surrender to him, you’re, you’re ahead of the game because there’s still so many people trying to control the outcome instead of just trusting that God is going to work everything out for your best interest. But you got to seek him first. Seek him first. Hmm. You’re a blessing to Samantha. I will say, you know what? Maybe I can put it in the comments. I didn’t know so many people would be into this.

This is cool. Okay. I’m going to know it’s a PDF. Okay. So I’ll send it to you in the PDF. So to send me a message, Samantha, and I will send it to you. Seek The, Kingdom and all. All, all will be added. Amen. Look, your way probably hasn’t worked out all that great. I think we all could admit that our lives, it could be better.

Like there’s a better way of doing things and we’ve tried it our way. We’ve sought advice from all the experts and we paid $5,000 from mentors and go into coaching courses and this and that. And we watch YouTube and we, we make memes to inspire us. We do everything. Like we’re so busy creating stuff that’s motivating and stimulating that we forgot to seek God first because maybe if we put our energy into seeking God first, maybe we would have different outcomes in our lives.

Maybe we wouldn’t be so desperate and seeking the approval and the blessing and the, and the, uh, the, the accolades from man.

Speaker 0 (40m 27s):


Joshua T Berglan (40m 34s):

I tell you what, I’m just going to challenge you if you’re not putting God first and everything you do, even just in the morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is you roll over and you get on social media to see how many likes you got on your last post. And I’ve been guilty of it, so I’m not like judging here, but if the very first thing you do when you wake up,

Speaker 0 (40m 56s):

Joshua T Berglan (41m 4s):

A father, thank you. Thank you for this day. Start there. I mean obviously you probably should build on that, but if you can just like wake up from your slumber and just go thank you. God start there. That’s a baby step. That’s a step in the right direction that God wants your time. God, God doesn’t want you praying while you’re scrolling on Facebook. I would allow to get about us here. Then we’ll get it like he doesn’t. When you scroll on Instagram, praying in tongues, just be alone with him. Be present with God.

This is not something in seeking. The kingdom of God is not something that you do while you’re distracted or you’ve got, you know, the Kardashians on and you’re trying to read your Bible while the Kardashians are playing in the background. Like just, that’s not, you know, come on, you can give God 10 minutes of your day, you can give him five minutes and maybe if you, you feel like you can’t start with 30 seconds, but that time when you can get in a zone with God and you start to kind of get clear messages, it’s so powerful.

I’m going to tell you something else. I’m going to challenge you something. Um, your will be done. Start there. That’s a good one. Yeah. I will be done. Yeah. Or do you have a calling Kali? That’s good stuff. Um, presence. Yes. Um, the other thing too, I want to encourage you guys, this is the, this is going to take a bold step of faith for some of you because you know, one thing it’s praying out loud is really, really nervous. And I’m going to pray for you guys a regular prayer after just to like say, Hey, if I can do it, you can too.

Cause I’m not like an expert prayer by the way. I had to read a prayer. I’m not, I don’t have those kind of prayers in my brain yet. You know, like I don’t have a memorized, but I am going to pray for you guys before we end and, but I want to encourage you, if you get the opportunity to find someone to pray with, like whether on FaceTime or do audio, if you can take the time to do that. I promise you when you pray with somebody and you pray in agreement, really, really powerful things happen.

Uh, Jessica has been so good about this. She’ll reach out and go, or she’ll tell me, she’s like, Hey, we’re going to pray it. So it’s, and, and I love that because I’m still shy. I’m still shy about going, Hey, can I pray for you? Or let’s pray together. I don’t know why. I mean, I talk about some of the most awful things ever in this program, but yet sometimes I get shy about praying with other people and, and that’s ridiculous. But I’ve seen like when her and I pray together, amazing things happen.

So what I’m suggesting is you don’t need to be a couple. You can pray with a friend, you can pray with anybody. But those of you, you guys pray together. If you guys want to prayer partner, maybe comment me. If you’re where you’re watching, you’re able to, if you’re watching or listening in on the podcast, I’m, you know, come find us at UnFiltered and say, Hey, pray to pray together because praying together works. It really does. And there’s something in the atmosphere that’s making things happen a lot quicker than they normally do.

And I just seen this over the last few weeks. It is going wild. So pray together. Alright, so I’m going to pray now. Oh wait, I would love all of my friends to pray for me and my dad and be successful. And my online business will plug your online business, Mona a and that and for that matter if you have a business, go ahead and plug it in the comments. If you are able, um, you guys network and take care of each other. That’s what this is all about. All right.

God, I, I just pray that anyone out there that’s struggling with not knowing the importance of putting your first and just ask that you speak to them and say, when I wake up in the morning or they go to bed to go to bed tonight, that you speak to them and to say, I want, I want, I want to have a relationship with you. I want to be a part of your life. Include me in your life putting me first. I have such big plans for you. God has such big plans and thank you God for the big plans that you have for us to see what I mean.

I can’t pray that good out loud. Father, we thank you for giving us a unique purpose and just In no matter what, no matter what’s going on in the world, no matter what is happening, no matter the attacks, no matter the, the perceived failures, no matter when we, when we feel like we’re just in a black cloud of nothing and we can’t see opportunity, we can’t see happiness, we can’t see joy. You are always there in our purpose. Regardless of what’s going on is always true.

It’s always real and it’s always there waiting for us to pursue. Father, I just ask that you just just put peace inside of everyone’s heart and you just ignite them with just a powerful, just supernatural love that overwhelms them, empowers them to take the next bold leap into their purpose. Father, father, we love you and we thank you for just giving us the, the opportunity through your son Jesus, to give us a clean slate, a clean heart, a clean mind, and just the opportunity to serve you as an opportunity to, to serve you that just It and then in serving you, we get to experience something extraordinary.

And In. Father. I thank you for that. I thank you for it. You never giving up on us and I thank you for always being there waiting for us to be in your arms, to run to you, to ask you to invite you in father and anyone out there that is struggling with getting to know you. I just ask that they have the courage to say, father, I love you. I am, you know, I’m struggling with this, but you know what? I trust you. I surrender this to you that I will be done. Father, I just ask that you bless everyone in a supernatural way and I just guide them to your voice, guide them to your loving arms and ignite their purpose.

Ignite that fire inside of them. Now in Jesus name. Amen. All right. God bless you guys. Peace out.

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With love,

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