The ImagINation Podcast “Victoria Mortis — The Truth About Russia”

This week’s episode is sure to blow your mind and leave you with your jaw on the floor (“The Imagination Podcast” was actually terminated from YouTube immediately after this episode was uploaded, so that should give you a clue as to how explosive it is!)… After a tumultuous time restoring a new platform to call home after being nuked from YouTube, I am honored to bring to you today Victoria Mortis who from Russia who comes to us as the daughter of a father who was part of the MK Ultra projects with groundbreaking information that we could use your help distributing far and wide.

Victoria’s harrowing story begins with the hidden truth about Russian and USSR history with the knowledge she has acquired through being the daughter of an MK Ultra Super Soldier father who was born into an Illuminati bloodline family. We go deep into how MK Ultra has been such a massive — and even important — part of Russian history and how it’s still deeply entrenched into a modern-day culture. We do go to expose adrenochrome factories and how they hide in plain sight and you will be shocked to learn how and where these factories exist.

The conversation flows into hidden symbolism where we show examples of how MK Ultra and occultism have infiltrated popular video game culture and Hollywood and you will see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes (quite literally!).

Victoria has a strong accent and to make it easier to follow along, she was very helpful in creating and providing a document that we read along with that is also in the show notes below for you to read and share everywhere you can.


1812 — Google Docs



1812 Architecture:

American McGee’s Alice:

American McGee´s Alice (PC) — Full Game 1080p HD Walkthrough — No Commentary — YouTube


Bioshock — Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay) — YouTube

Psychonauts 2 PSI King Song:

Psychonauts 2 — Jack Black Sings as The PSI KING // Full Music Video — YouTube

Garden of Earthly Delights:

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” Hieronymus Bosch — An Analysis (

MK Ultra Recovery — Deprogram Wiki:

Welcome to DeprogramWiki! — DeprogramWiki

Recommended Reading:

-Svali Speaks

-Fiona Barnette

-FritzSpringmeir and Cisco Wheeler

Tim Shelley Active Blog:

Fighting Monarch — A Resistance Site For Survivors of CIA, NSA, Tavistock, and Illuminati Mind Control

Tweets to refer to:


CERN IS THE MAIN THREAT — FIONA BARNETT QUOTE | Page 2 | The Vigilant Citizen Forums

Satanism in ART [Trigger Warning] | The Vigilant Citizen Forums

Cathy Fox Blog –

Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast

Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) | cathy fox blog on child abuse (


Twitter: @VictoriaMortis — Victoria Mortis (@VictoriaMortis) / Twitter

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @thruthiracy

YouTube: Victoria Mortis — Victoria Mortis — YouTube




Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer

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Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan

Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer

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