Josh VS Joshua MindDump Vol 2. “For Who Can Be against Us”

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31 ESV

I saw this verse in my devotional this morning and it fits perfectly with the awakening I see happening.

It’s not just the conspiracy theorist, it’s people that I personally never expected to see.

While I do not align with any political party, I must say that I am in awe of the amount of self-described liberals “waking up” to at the very least question the narrative being forced down the world’s throat.

Celebrities, as irrelevant as they are now, compared to the power they used to hold,

are pushing back because the contradictions out of the government, mainstream media, Fauci, and others are becoming too hard to ignore.

What will come from this new form of wokeness?

As happy as I am to see people rising up and challenging the narrative, I feel it is important to remind people about the drug, power.

It’s hard enough to defeat meth, cocaine, sex, and alcohol addiction but power?

No one gives up power without a fight.

Money may be the root of all evil, but power is the soil it grows out of.

God has already won, all that’s playing out that we see is a movie more or less.

The only difference is we aren’t watching this movie with our favorite treats, we are in it playing a role.

While it is exciting to see people rise up, we cannot get comfortable and stop resisting.

We must continue to resist because for as much as we believe we have been in a battle, truthfully it has not even started yet.

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about hell being unleashed on the world.

What do you think triggers that?

Have you ever dealt with a liar?

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist?

How hard do they fight to keep their lie going?


Now ask yourself, “how hard will they fight to keep the lie going that has controlled planet earth since the beginning of mankind?”

I do not have the vocabulary to describe how hard they will fight but I’ll simplify it and say that “hell will be unleashed”.

If you are a Believer, now is the time to press into Him!

If you can admit that you are lukewarm in

Your relationship with the Lord, may I suggest you ask God for some Holy Spirit fire?

You are and will be needed for God’s purposes more than ever in the coming months and years.

You know those dreams and visions you have of the life you, in your heart have always desired?

That’s God showing you what's possible and I assure you that doesn’t change just because of what we see play out in this world we live in.

God’s promises for you are real, and He needs you to accept your assignment more than ever.

It is truly a time to rejoice even though things do appear bleak.

People are waking up and more will follow, but if you remember how shallow your Faith was when you first committed to the Lord, you will understand why you are needed now.

There will be a mass awakening soon however that is when you will really be needed as most of the world realizes that we have been lied to since birth and our “heroes” are villains.

Man, that sounds like a movie plot but it is real life and YOU will be needed.

We all need mentors, and we need each other.

For those of you who feel alone and isolated, it is more important than ever for your truth to be heard.

Your Truth, your testimony will bring you your tribe, so let your voices be heard!

You are not alone, God will never abandon you and neither will His children.


Rise up, speak out and RESIST!

God is with us!



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Joshua T Berglan

Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation — New Media Non-Profit & Producer